Corrie star Vinta Morgan reveals all on Ronnie's family bombshell

Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) is a new face in Coronation Street. He arrived recently and while Michael (Ryan Russell) and Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) were happy to see him, Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) wasn’t so pleased.

Ronnie’s arrival may have seemed like a good idea for the Bailey family initially, but it will turn out this character is carrying a huge secret with him, and Vinta Morgan recently revealed all on how this bombshell could change the Bailey family forever:

‘Ronnie is a maverick, he’s a guy who has navigated he way through the world by his own compass, he’s come up in a land of plenty, his business has worked, he’s been quite lucky too.

Basically, Ronnie’s wife comes out of the blue, she comes to him and seeks him out. She has really let him down in a drastic way, so much so he believes the relationship to be at it’s end, it’s triggered something in him, in a way it’s been beneficial because it’s allowed him to come to terms with something he should be dealing with.’

Vinta added: ‘One of the things he needs to deal with is a long held kept secret which spans 31 years, that being he had a relationship with his brother’s wife, before his brother had met his current wife. It’s really destroyed the fabric of his relationship between him and his brother, he hasn’t been able to be honest with him, but also the major thing is that he thinks the timelines present a particular problem for them both, that being that Michael could be Ronnie’s son.

Ronnie now, reaching a particular age, 51, doesn’t have any children and he’s yearning for that.’

Vinta continued his chat, adding how Ronnie wanting to find out the truth about Michael is quite a selfish motive:

‘It comes from such a deep place and I think because of what happened between him and his wife, he lost some of that perspective, but also what he wants is to be honest with his brother, finally deal with some demons.

I think once he gets onto that track, he feels that’s the only thing he can do, I think he hopes the relationship can bounce back too.’

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