Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen Nazir gets dragged into an alleyway and mugged before being saved by Tracy Barlow

YASMEEN Nazir is about to be faced with a sinister encounter in tonight's episode of Coronation Street as she unexpectedly gets dragged into an alleyway while walking home from her grandson's restaurant, Speed Dahl.

And things are about to get a lot more sinister in the character's own personal life too, as her partner Geoff Metcalfe continues to emotionally manipulate her.

As a hungover Yasmeen tries to apologise to her boyfriend for her recent drunkenness, Geoff makes her feel even worse by telling her she had promised to go on a walk with him.

At Speed Dahl later, Geoff then tricks Yasmeen – who’s played by Shelley King – by pouring water on Ryan Connor’s mixing desk and convincing her that she’d done it.

But the day's unfortunate events don't stop there for Yasmeen.

As the grandmother of two heads home with the restaurant takings in her bag she’s suddenly grabbed and dragged into the alleyway.

Screaming in terror, her desperate cries are fortunately heard by neighbour Tracy Barlow who races to her rescue and helps get a shaken Yasmeen safely back to No.6.

When Geoff eventually arrives home, he’s horrified to discover that Yasmeen has been mugged and after double checking that she has informed the police, Tracy leaves them to it.

Despite her harrowing ordeal, Yasmeen is determined to return to work but Geoff, wanting to play protector, has other ideas and is annoyed by her suggestion.

Later in the episode, when Yasmeen heads home from work again, she’s unnerved to realise that someone is now following her.

When she gets home she tells Geoff – Ian Bartholomew – that she wishes she’d listened to him and let him walk her home.

So what’s going on? Does Yasmeen have a stalker?

Last week it was revealed that Yasmeen and Geoff – who is Tim Metcalfe’s dad – are set to be embroiled in a dark abuse storyline in upcoming episodes.

Is this just the beginning of a downhill turn for our much-loved Yasmeen?

Scenes will show Geoff increasing his obsessive influence over his partner, as the hit ITV soap, which is known for tackling difficult subjects like suicide and addiction, draws upon the damage of non-physical abuse.

Charities including Women's Aid have been consulted on the storyline, which is intended to educate viewers on the "invisible prison" created by controlling partners.

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