Coronation Street spoilers: Rick Neelan returns as he kills Corey Brent to save Kelly?

Corrie: Kelly Neelan speaks to police about her missing dad

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Rick (played by Greg Wood) was supposedly killed by Gary Windass (Mikey North) two years ago on Coronation Street but with the murder taking place off-screen and no evidence of a body, fans believe he could still be alive. Following his exit from the ITV soap, his daughter Kelly (Millie Gibson) has become a regular face on the cobbles, with his ex-wife Laura Neelan (Kel Allen) making fleeting appearances. However, it’s the teenager who has found herself embroiled in a hate crime storyline after getting involved with Corey (Maximus Evans) and his gang. With her future looking less optimistic, could her father return from beyond the grave to ensure her freedom?

The fallout from Seb’s (Harry Visinoni) death continued in Wednesday’s episodes, with Kelly deciding to pay Corey a visit after they were both charged with the attack earlier in the week.

After talking things through with her foster father and hotshot lawyer Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo), the schoolgirl thought it was best to tell the police the truth.

They were interrupted by Corey’s father, Stefan Brent (Paul Opacic), who instructed the pair to stay away from one another.

Once the schoolgirl was out the way, the businessman reminded his son he was “the innocent party” and should not be punished for being associated with the group who caused the attack.

Stefan tried to plant a seed in his son’s head to form an alternative version of what really happened and urged the youngster to pin the blame on Kelly.

As the schoolgirl was reunited with her estranged mother, who rocked up out of nowhere to help her daughter, Stefan took Corey to speak with the police.

With the authorities having evidence of a voicemail from Seb which he left for his mother, they could get a grasp through voice recognition who was there at the time of the attack.

Kelly’s laughter was heard prominently and although he didn’t know the police had this in their possession, Corey’s skewered version of events didn’t help the schoolgirl look any better.

The authorities wanted to speak with her and as she was also naïve to the evidence of the attack, Kelly thought she could detail what really happened.

Imran sat in with her as legal counsel, the youngster discovered she was being framed as the ring leader of the vicious assault.

It was wrong

Kelly Neelan

With the support of her foster father Imran, Kelly proceeded to explain what happened, despite the odds weighing against her.

“We were just messing around. We followed Seb and Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) across the waste ground and onto the street.

“It was just verbals, that’s all. It was wrong but it was harmless,” she described before the detective asked if she was the one leading the attack.

“No, and it wasn’t just me,” Kelly added, going on to detail how the situation escalated beyond her control.

“It all happened really fast. First, it was just name-calling and then it went crazy. One of the boys shoved Nina down and then he chased after her.”

“Corey pushed Seb over and he hit his head and got knocked out and Corey started kicking him,” Kelly continued to explain.

The detective told the youngster traces of Nina’s blood had been found on the clothing she was wearing the night of the attack alongside the evidence of the voicemail.

“So, you didn’t hit anyone? That’s not how Corey Brent tells it,” the officer said, adding: ‘He said you led the attack.

“Corey says it was you who pushed Mr Franklin over and as he lay unconscious, kicked his head like a football despite his desperate attempts to stop you.

“He came to us voluntarily before any forensic evidence had been presented and he gave an account that is completely supported by that evidence.”

“You have offered next to nothing voluntarily, just making admissions when presented with evidence. Tell me Kelly, who would you believe?” the detective continued.

The teenager wasn’t seen again for the rest of the episode as Imran returned to the cobbles without her by his side.

Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) was concerned about where the youngster was and her partner explained she had been held in remand.

However, he said he believed Kelly’s version of events and was going to work hard to prove she did not kill Seb.

This could include going on the search to bring Rick back to the cobbles to help him save the youngster and clear her name.

Though, having been in hiding for all this time if he is alive, Rick would be eager to get his hands on the person who tried to frame his daughter.

Known for being quite the villain and with a violent streak in him, the former loan shark could plan to kill Corey.

With no one to hold him back, the father-of-one could launch his own vicious attack on the schoolboy and find himself a killer once more.

But will a murder investigation begin into the youngster’s death or will Rick make sure he disposes of the body?

Coronation Street continues Friday at 7:30pm on ITV.

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