Coronation Street spoilers: Gail Platt disappears after mum Audrey rejects her for supporting David and Nick in court

THE friction in the Platt family will reach boiling point in Coronation Street next week when Gail goes missing, forcing daughter Sarah to call the police.

Gail – who’s played by cobbles legend Helen Worth – will go missing after a series of arguments with mum Audrey Roberts and sons Nick Tilsley and David Platt.

Audrey is frosty with her daughter after she sides with her sons in court and later abandoned her in hospital.

Then Nick fumes at her and tells her to stay away from him after David did nothing to help him.

Later, Sarah is deeply concerned when there’s no sign of Gail at home.

When she fails turn up at all, Sarah calls the police and reports Gail as a missing person.

Audrey rails at Nick and David, telling them that she blames them for driving Gail away. A furious David blames Nick for Gail’s disappearance and the brothers end up locking horns again.

But David’s words clearly hit home and Nick tells him that he plans to take full responsibility for the stolen money. But girlfriend Leanne Battersby tells Nick she wants him to stick to the original plan as she and Oliver want him home.

What will he do?

Friday is judgement day for the boys as they both appear in court. David tells Shona that Nick plans to tell the truth. But will Nick stick to his word?

And will Gail be there to support her sons?

David is looking at a stretch behind bars if he’s found guilty of theft. The cobbles crimper – who is played by actor Jack P. Shepherd in the ITV soap – has been busy planning his wedding to girlfriend Shona Ramsey convinced he won't be going to prison despite confessing to his part of the scam.

However, fans have noticed something vitally important that has seemingly escaped David and his solicitor Imran's notice – he's currently on licence.

David was given a suspended sentence for 18 months a year ago for his vicious assault on Gary Windass, meaning if he is shown to have broken the law, he will be going to prison.

One fan said: #Corrie David Platt got a suspended sentence for 18 months so he will go to jail."
At the time David was trying to suppress his trauma over being drugged and raped by Josh Tucker.

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