Coronation Street spoilers: Cathy Matthews finally admits to trolling Steve and Tracy as they take revenge

CATHY Matthews faces more backlash from her former friends and family as she admits to trolling Steve and Tracy next week in Coronation Street. 

Brian took the blame for Cathy’s vile trolling of Steve McDonald after she accused him of stealing from Oliver’s fund under the screen name ‘Lemon Drop’.

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When Amy and Aadi tracked ‘Lemon Drop’ down and accused Brian, he took the fall for Cathy.

But next week, Cathy finally cracks when someone flings a brick through the Kabin window. 

At the end of her tether, Cathy rushes to find Tracy and Dev and admits she was the troll online, not Brian.

Tracy sees red and launches into a rant, making Cathy feel even more guilty than before. 

Later, when Gemma refuses to invite her inside when she calls around with fish and chips, Cathy is crushed.

Cathy insists she didn’t mean what she said online, but Gemma is unforgiving and tells her to do one. 

Later, Roy reveals to Cathy that Alex has been trying to defend her on social media, but that he’s also being trolled.

Will Cathy ever recover her reputation?

Corrie viewers know that Cathy began trolling Steve after Tracy turned down her offer of doing more to help with fundraising for Oliver.

Steve was devastated when he stumbled upon comments online suggesting he and Tracy were stealing money from the fund.

When Cathy overheard Amy telling Asha about the online trolls, and how miserable they were making grieving Steve, Cathy felt an overwhelming wave of guilt. 

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