Coronation Street spoilers: Beth Tinker’s devious secret exposed in dark Underworld twist?

Coronation Street has been trying to get back to normal following the Underworld factory roof collapse which killed Rana Habeeb (played by Bhavna Limbachia) earlier this year. 

While the police investigation is still ongoing, it seems one of the factory workers is up to no good. 

During tonight’s double bill, ITV viewers tuned in to see the factory employees, led by Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) vote on whether or not they should keep their bonuses, or put the money towards the factory building work, getting back to their original premises quicker. 

While the majority of shareholders voted for this idea, Beth Tinker (Lisa George) strongly opposed, until she revealed a dark plan. 

“Im not working for nothing any more, I deserve that bonus,” the seamstress wined to boyfriend Kirk Sutherland (Andrew Whyment).

In a later scene, she was seen at work when Sarah walked in and noticed her change of heart. The new knicker boss said: “So you decided to come back then?” 

“Sorry, I just needed to get my head sorted,” Beth explained and Sarah continued: “I do understand you wanted the bonus.” 

“I did, but Kirky’s made me realise the others are right, we need to work together as a team to invest in our future!” Beth said enthusiastically. 

After Sarah told everyone to get back to work, Kirk pulled Beth to one side: “I don’t understand what you are doing.” 

“Don’t worry babe, I’ve got it all covered,” Beth remarked before sidling up to Sean Tully (Anthony Cotton): “Sean, how do you fancy having twice the amount of power than anyone else in here?” 

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“What are you talking about?” He questioned and she explained further: “Do you want to buy my shares?” 

But Sean wasn’t the only one offered this opportunity as Beth targeted Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) the packer and driver at Underworld later that same day.  

“Do you want a hand?” Beth asked and already wary, Paul said: “Since when did you give anyone a hand?” 

Realising now was the time to tempt him with her offer, Beth revealed: “I could give you an even bigger hand if you wanted. How would you like to be the most powerful person in the factory?” 

“What are you going to do, bump them all off?” Paul joked. 

I’m selling my shares.


“I’m selling my shares! Whoever gets them owns double the amount of every else. No more voting behind your back and you’ll be the controlling voice,” she continued. 

One of the reasons why the Underworld factory roof collapse occurred was because producers wanted to demolition the set and build a new one with other shops and premises which has since seen the arrival of A Trim Up North barber’s shop. 

It is unknown whether or not the factory will return to its former glory, but should it not, things are not looking positive for those who have shares in the business. 

As for Beth’s cunning plan, has she predicted the downfall of Underworld already? 

Coronation Street returns Friday at 7.30pm on ITV. 

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