Coronation Street spoilers: Bertie Osbourne in danger as Daniel spots worrying sign?

Daniel Osborne (played by Rob Mallard) hasn’t had an easy ride over the last couple of months on Coronation Street as he was forced to say goodbye to his wife Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) and then learning how to raise a baby on his own. But this week Daniel will be tested when he notices that Bertie has fallen ill just days after refusing to let him have his injections.

ITV viewers watched with great concern last week as Daniel only let Bertie have one of his baby injections because he didn’t want to put him through the trauma. 

However, at the end of last week, he became aware that Bertie was incredibly warm, and when he told Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) that he hadn’t gone through with all his injections, she showed some concern. 

Daniel has been working really hard to stay positive for his son but has struggled with his grief after Sinead died when her cancer returned. 

In an attempt to keep the thought of her alive, Daniel has been locking himself in the house and watching videos of messages she made for him before she died.

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Daniel doesn’t need any more trauma and devastation in his life right now, so when he realises Bertie might not be very well he will be sent spiralling. 

In upcoming scenes, Bethany, who Daniel has been getting closer to, will receive some bad news. 

Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) recently bought The Bistro leaving Bethany wondering if she would still have a job with the change of hands. 

Ray promised he would be keeping everyone on, but later this week Bethany will be told that she hasn’t been promoted to the role of manager in the restaurant.

Her hopes are soon dashed when Ayla (Sair Khan) reveals Ray (Mark Frost) has appointed her manager instead. 

Bethany will be left furious and goes to Daniel to rant about the decision.

Daniel knows Bethany wants to do more than work in a restaurant and so encourages her to apply for a creative writing course.

As he is helping her decide, he comes to notice that something isn’t right with Bertie, but what does this mean for the widower?

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As viewers will know by now Bethany Platt will be leaving the show in the next couple of months after it was revealed that she would be stepping down. 

It has also been suggested that Daniel could be ready to suggest that the three of them leave the cobbles together after the two shared a kiss just weeks before Sinead’s death. 

And if Bethany is miserable in her job, who knows what could happen.


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Speaking to press, including, Executive Producer Iain MacLeod teased what’s to come.

“We have got the interesting next chapter of the Daniel and Bethany story, which without putting too finer point on it, is about Daniel’s grief really.

“One thing that soap traditionally in my experience struggles with is telling a realistic grief time frame.

“There comes a point where as a viewer you know, ‘This is very truthful, but god it’s getting quite dark and downbeat now.’”

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday on ITV at 7:30pm.

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