Coronation Street horror as Dev Alahan attacked by son Aadi after leaving him for dead?

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The Coronation Street family decide to escape the cobbles and take a trip away, but they never reach their destination as they are caught in a devastating car crash in the midst of a rainstorm. During a week of high drama on the ITV soap, the Alahans will be left struggling to free themselves from the burning car after a prison van, driven by Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) swerves into them. Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) is faced with the agonising decision of saving just one twin, and opts to rescue an unconscious Asha (Tanisha Gorey). Aadi (Adam Hussain) is getting more and more resentful towards what he perceives as Dav favouring his twin – will he take drastic action if he pulls through?

The drama kicks off with Dev becoming humiliated by Natasha Blakeman (Rachel Leskovac) after he asks her out.

Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove), watching on, laughs at Dev and tells him exactly what she thinks of him.

Aadi overhears this and sticks up for his dad, explaining he’s a brilliant father.

The teenager suggests a lads’ holiday for the two of them at a swish campsite.

Dev is instantly cheered up by the idea, but as the two excitedly discuss their holiday plans, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Asha who’s clearly upset.

Aadi becomes angry when Dev tells him he has asked Asha to come with them to cheer her up because she is upset over Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher).

Dev tries to balance what both twins want from the holiday, but Aadi becomes resigned to the fact that yet again, his sister’s needs come first.

“The dynamic [in the family], at the moment is very, very strained,” Aadi actor Adam explained to

“Obviously, there’s always been sort of sibling rivalry between the two.

“And I feel like he [Aadi] sort of has a lot of resentment now for his father.

“I mean, there have always been little moments where Dev has sort of on undermined Aadi, in a way.

“Like when he anticipated Asha getting better grades than him and then he sort of proved him wrong.

“I think that all those moments are still there and turning to resentment.”

He continued: “[During the crash] Aadi’s awake, sat right next to him.

“And he’s asking Dev to help him, so they can move together, then Asha.

“But Dev stumbles out the car, and then says ‘Aadi, help yourself.’

“And I think that’s like the sort of catalyst moment for him because he feels Dev has always sort of preferred his sister.”

When asked if Asha feels guilty, Tanisha stated: “It depends when she is asked.

“Let’s say for example when they’re in hospital and no one knows what’s going to happen to him [Aadi], I think if she found out then she would 100 percent feel guilty.

“But on the other hand, there was only one person you can go for first, and if you look at the logistics of it, she’s unconscious.

“She can’t help herself whatsoever, whereas Aadi is awake, he knows what’s going on and he is speaking.

“But I think, once she sees the state of him in hospital, he’s injured and he’s not awake anymore, you would feel guilty.”

Aadi might survive the ordeal though, and if so, it’s possible this may be the final straw when it comes to his relationship with Dev.

If he does wake up, the youngster might decide to get his own back on his father.

Having been dealt so many blows, and with his resentment getting stronger, Aadi might physically attack Dev.

He may plan his revenge if he does wake up and come out of hospital, so he can get his own back once he is physically stronger and has recovered from his injuries.

With the family tensions reaching breaking point before the crash, it seems likely that Aadi might hit a downward spiral and begin to act out of character.

Will Dev be seriously hurt at the hands of his own son?

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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