'Cooking With Paris': Paris Hilton's Favorite Celebrity Chef Might Be Yours, Too

Paris Hilton has made many headlines throughout her two decades in the spotlight. The hotel heiress was a tabloid darling before her ex-friend Kim Kardashian West changed that definition with her family’s reality TV show. Still in the spotlight for her fashion and DJ’ing, Hilton is set to debut another skill on the new Netflix series Cooking With Paris. And the burgeoning TV cook is inspired by her favorite celebrity chef.

Introducing ‘Cooking With Paris’

Hilton knows how to cling to the fame she garnered 15 years ago. While she may not be the attention-grabbing socialite that kept late-night talk shows running for years on end, she never fully faded into obscurity, either. So when she began cooking on her ever-popular YouTube channel, she got Netflix’s attention as it looked to grow its brand. 

Cooking With Paris isn’t completely out of left-field. Though Hilton has never claimed to be a gourmet chef, she loves to cook and does so often on her series. Now more influencer than tabloid darling, Paris shows a different side to fans who’ve fallen in love with the woman they’ve followed since she was just a teenager. 

While one might expect Ina Garten’s budgets from the show, a recent interview showed that Hilton doesn’t necessarily need her food to reflect her net worth, as functionality is vital for any home chef to learn.

Paris Hilton’s food obsession and favorite celebrity chef

Hilton isn’t entirely dissociated from the food industry. She famously starred in a provocative Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s ad. Her culinary skills have never been put on full display. She sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss her philosophies and interests regarding food. Hilton spilled the beans on everything food, including which Disney characters she would like to cook for and her ideal famous dinner guests. 

When EW asked the heiress for her pick for deserted island food, she valued the versatility of an old culinary favorite. 

“A potato, because you could do mashed potatoes, French fries, potato chips, or a baked potato. You can make a lot of things out of it. I’m obsessed with McDonald’s French fries, so I’d try and copy those,” she said. 

Hilton also opened up about how she enjoys listening to her own music while cooking and how she uses food to bond with friends and family. Asked whom she most looks up in the food and cooking realm, she answered perfectly on-brand. 

“Me. I’m kidding,” Hilton joked. Then she answered seriously, the way millions of others might: “Martha Stewart.”

Sure, it wasn’t the most creative answer, but it’s especially predictable coming from Hilton. Like Stewart, Hilton is known for her lavish lifestyle that’s unattainable for the average person. If her show is a success, perhaps she could even become the lifestyle guru’s heir apparent.

Is Martha Stewart passing the torch?

According to Netflix Life, Hilton’s TV show will have her cooking alongside famous friends and family members. But whether Stewart is among them remains to be seen. Stewart is a fixture at PBS and Food Networkhosting her own series, judging other chefs, and giving home cooks a look at what it’s like to be the richest homemaker in the world. 

Cooking With Paris is set to premiere on August 4. However, those who want more insight into the famous home cook’s mind can check her out via one of her several podcasts, web series, and media appearances alongside notable friends. Hilton is proof that just because someone’s fame wanes, they haven’t fallen out of the spotlight. 

With all the moves that Stewart taught her, Hilton is ready to show that she isn’t just famous for being famous. She’s famous because, whether she’s living a Simple Life or cooking meals for friends, people want to see what she’s up to. Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess. 

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