Colin Donnell Is Leaving 'Chicago Med.' Here's When His Last Episode Will Air

The One Chicago franchise has been hemorrhaging stars lately. In May, fans learned that Jon Seda would be exiting Chicago P.D., while Colin Donnell and Norma Kuhling were on their way out at Chicago Med. 

Why the big cast exodus? According to Deadline, the departures have to do with “creative reasons.” But not all the departing stars are gone for good, it turns out. 

One more episode for Colin Donnell

At first, it seemed that the Season 4 finale of Chicago Med would be the last fans would see of both Donnell, who plays Dr. Connor Rhodes, and Kuhling, who plays Dr. Ava Bekker. 

In that episode, Rhodes discovered that his father had died of an insulin overdose and that Bekker might be the one responsible. Bekker thinks that with his dad out of the picture, she and Rhodes will be free to pursue their relationship. He shut down that idea, fast. Bekker responded with anger, calling Rhodes an “ungrateful prick” and telling him to “rot in hell.”

The couple’s rollercoaster romance is clearly done. However, the show didn’t do much to explain either character’s exit, nor did it answer the question of whether Bekker really killed Rhodes’s dad.  

Now, fans might get a bit of clarity. Donnell will be back for one more episode of the Windy City-set medical drama, Us Weekly reports. The actor will return to Chicago Med for a single episode — the Season 5 premiere. Hopefully, it will provide some answers to what happened to his father and where his character ultimately ends up.

There’s no word yet on whether Kuhling’s character will be back at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center for the episode too, or if she really is gone for good. 

How will ‘Chicago Med’ wrap up Connor Rhodes’s story?

It’s also not clear how Chicago Med will conclude the Rhodes-Bekker storyline. Over at TVLine, those taking a poll about the characters’ fates overwhelmingly voted in favor of the idea that Rhodes would take a job at the Mayo Clinic in order to get away from Bekker. Meanwhile, fans thought that it would come out that Bekker really did kill Rhodes’s father and that she ended up getting fired or arrested as a result. Other possibilities included Rhodes taking a sabbatical or vacation, Bekker taking another job, or even Rhodes’s realizing that his suspicions about Bekker were all in his head. 

Donnell says goodbye to Chicago

While Donnell will be back for one last episode of Chicago Med, he’s already moving on from his adopted home. On July 8, he shared on Instagram that he and his wife Patti Murin are leaving the city. 

“It’s the real moving day here in Chicago,” the 36-year-old actor wrote. “This city and the people in it have left an imprint on our hearts as big and wide as the city itself. We came here just after getting married to a new job and quickly fell in love with everything Chicago has to offer. Thanks for all the memories, we’ll visit often.”

The Season 5 premiere of Chicago Med airs Wednesday, September 25 at 8/7c on NBC.

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