Chicago Fire fans ‘heartbroken’ as Cindy Herrmann shares diagnosis

Chicago Fire: NBC teases 'A Guy I Used to Know' episode

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NBC’s hit drama returned to screens with another dramatic episode of Chicago Fire. While the rest of the team worked on a gripping rescue, Herrmann’s (played by David Eigenberg) personal life was pushed to the spotlight as he informed his children about their mother’s tumour. 

Viewers were left stunned after Cindy Herrmann (Robyn Coffin) learned she had a tumour in her lung. 

However, there was a small window of relief as doctors suggested she should undergo surgery to remove the growth. 

While the news came as a shock, the recent episode revealed Herrmann wasn’t ready to tell Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) yet. 

When Hermann requested time off from work to support his wife, he played off the reason when Boden probed. 

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However, he and Cindy were forced to come clean to their children over dinner. 

Herrman shared: “We’ve got some stuff to talk about, your mum is going in for a procedure tomorrow at the hospital and we didn’t want to tell you, because we didn’t want you to worry.

“We wanted you to know why I’m extra stressed,” he added, as Cindy revealed: “I have a tumour in my lung and the doctors need to remove it to keep it from spreading to other parts of my body.”

A shocked Lee Henry (David Von Kampen) asked: “Tumour, like cancer?”

To which Cindy confirmed: “Yes, it is cancer, but hopefully they’ve caught it early enough that it’s nothing serious.”

Fans were beyond devastated and took to Twitter to share their heartbreak at Cindy’s tumour.

@arendelleislnd tweeted: “Why did they give Cindy cancer in #chicagofire like why are they making Herrmann sad by potentially taking the love of his life, I’m not about this.”

A distraught @IAMLovesVoice asked: “Why Cindy!!! She’s like an angel and poor Herman.”

@KITTYKATMTL demanded: “Don’t f**k up this show too!!!! Leave Cindy alone.” (sic)

A fourth viewer @sheenaniganz added: “Omg if something happens to Cindy Herrmann I don’t know what I’ll do!!”

@Learnthingss questioned: “I seriously wanna know what did Cindy do to DESERVE THIS Honestly like wtf….”

An emotional @CFandCPDLover shared: “Still heartbroken with Cindy having cancer.”

By the end of the episode, Cindy was met with more devastating news after the operation didn’t go as planned. 

The doctor disclosed: “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the margins clean, she made it through the surgery well, but we weren’t able to get all the cancer out. 

“We removed what we could, but we found some in the lymph nodes, too, which means we have a fight ahead of us. Next step is chemotherapy and radiation.”

Cindy’s battle could mean Herrmann may have to go into early retirement to care for her. 

Chicago Fire season 11 continues Wednesday on NBC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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