Charlotte Crosby disgusts fans as she wears boyfriend Josh's dirty sagging underwear

CHARLOTTE Crosby has taken her relationship to another stinky level as she wears her boyfriend's dirty underwear on her Instagram.

The former Geordie Shore star has been all loved up with Joshua Ritchie since they moved into a Bolton home together, but this latest announcement will come as a smelly surprise for fans.

The boomerang on her story shows Crosby, 29, flaunting the Love Island star's, 25, red Calvin Klein boxers in bed.

She captioned the video: "Makes me warm inside wearing @joshuaritchie1 boxers. Even when they are the dirty ones."

Then in a second video, you can see her gold watch as she pulls up the crotch part of the pants and divulges even more information: "This is where the big balls go @joshuaritchie1."

Josh and Charlotte started dating in 2018, though the relationship hasn't always gone smoothly.

The pair appeared on this year's Celebs Go Dating together to take part in couple's counselling after a series of big rows.

In one episode, Charlotte Crosby breaks down in tears while talking to relationship expert Anna Williamson about moving from her £1 million mansion in Newcastle to Bolton.

Speaking about the move, Charlotte said: "It's a big deal and sometimes I don't think [Josh] recognises how much a big deal it is."

She added: "I am moving away from everyone I love."

However, the star admitted that the "huge house" in Newcastle is "empty" and "not a good place to be when you're on your own".

The pair eventually moved in together on 22 August and seem to be very happy in their new home if their social media is anything to go by.

They've also both hinted multiple times that they would like to have a baby together.

When they moved in, Charlotte Crosby posted on Instagram: "NEXT STOP BABIESSSSS."

She also told Ben Shepherd on Good Morning Britain that she plans to get pregnant next year: "Next year! Me and Josh.

"I would like to yes, I'm 29 this year so I'll be 30 next year and I'm really ready to start a family."

The couple has an interesting relationship – as they've showed on screen several times.

On an episode where they discussed their favourite parts about each other, Charlotte said she loved her boyfriend's "swinging penis".

She added: "Do you know why I massage your balls so tenderly? Because that's where my future family is."

Josh Ritchie also added: "I appreciate your vagina."

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