Celebrity Masterchef viewers baffled as Megan McKenna makes VERY bold claim to Gregg Wallace

CELEBRITY Masterchef fans couldn't believe what they were hearing as Megan McKenna made a bold claim.

The former reality TV star turned singer promised Celebrity MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace that she was "mellow."

Megan shot to fame on Ex On The Beach but received wider attention for appearing on Celebrity Big Brother (2016).

Then it was on The Only Way Is Essex that she really became a household name and later went on to win X Factor: Celebrity 2019.

She became known for her hot-headed outbursts and onscreen meltdowns which Gregg brought up with her on the BBC One cooking show.

He admitted he was "really impressed" at her try at filleting a fish.

"I like to cook but I'm bad with being under pressure and timings," Megan admitted.

Gregg then pressed her further:  "Do you have a bad reputation for being a bit scary and getting the hump? The reason I ask is because this is going to be pressurised."

Then Megan dropped the bombshell which left viewers baffled.

"People think I'm like this crazy person but I'm actually quite a mellow person but obviously, I can stand up for myself so no funny business, yeah," she told him.

Viewers couldn't believe what they were hearing, with one even asking "are you sure?"

"Megan McKenna: I’m actually quite a chilled out person! Megan McKenna’s face whilst saying this: [shouting]," wrote another fan on Twitter.

A third added: "I'm a mellow person" – Megan McKenna."

Megan looks very different since she came to prominence on Ex On The Beach in 2015.

She has previously spoken to The Sun's Fabulous about vowing never to have extreme surgery.

She said: “I’m not against it [plastic surgery]. Obviously I get my lips done. I’ve not had any other surgery."

In the past Megan has revealed that she gets her lips done at the Natasha Lucy Clinics, which offer lip augmentation from £350.

Since appearing in The X Factor , Megan has dissolved her lip filler in an attempt to be taken more seriously as a music artist.

After realising people were ignoring her singing talent, she stopped getting her lips done and now feels "liberated".

"I would be going onto editing apps still not happy, thinking I could make that a bit bigger here and there, I did have body dysmorphia."

She added: "I remember flying home, I felt embarrassed, thinking I need to get them out.

"I have learnt to except the way I look. I feel like (taking them out) it's made me look younger."

Body dysmorphia is a mental health condition where a person spends believes there are flaws in their appearance.

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