Celebrity Gogglebox stars breakdown in tears after harrowing diver death scenes

Gogglebox stars tear up over diver death

Celebrity Gogglebox stars broke down in tears on Friday night while watching a tragic accident unfold on Netflix’s new documentary The Deepest Breath.

During the show, diver Alessia Zecchini attempted to tackle one of the deadliest dives in the world with the help of her boyfriend and safety diver Steve Keegan.

Although, after an accident took place, it was revealed that her partner had sadly died whilst saving her.

Witnessing the last photo of them together in the water, which saw Steve pushing Alessia to the surface, the cast broke down in tears.

Gregg Wallace removed his glasses and put his hands up to his face while his friend Greg James commented: “Oh my god.”

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Clare Balding’s wife Alice had to go and get the presenter a box of tissues as she wiped away her tears.

The 52-year-old was comforted by Alice who lovingly stroked her hair whilst she composed herself after watching the tragedy.

It wasn’t long before viewers watching were also touched by the heartbreaking scenes.

@chrisjlatimer said: “That was really sad [sic] Steve gave his life for hers he made the trade willingly.”

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@Rosie12_1994 commented: “Oh this is so sad.”

They later added: “It was horrifying when you saw her come back up and the way looked I thought she had died.”

During the documentary, the stars of the Channel 4 show learned that before Steve’s death, Alessia and her team had a strict plan.

Originally, she was supposed to dive 52 metres pulling herself on the rope then swim horizontally for 30 metres.

Once she was at the safety line, Steve was supposed to be waiting, although it didn’t turn out as planned when her partner was delayed by 20 seconds getting to her.

It resulted in Alessia not realising the direction she was going and ended up swimming the wrong way.

When Steve managed to get into the water, time was of the essence to get to Alessia in time before she ran out of breath.

Although he managed to push her up to the surface, Steve was unable to save himself and he died rescuing his love.

Celebrity Gogglebox continues Fridays on Channel 4 from 9pm.

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