Casualty icon Tess Bateman returns as Charlie Fairhead bids farewell to BBC drama?

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Tess (played by Suzanne Packer) hasn’t been seen on Casualty for six years, having made her exit from the BBC medical drama in 2015 following a complicated affair with Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher (Alex Walkinshaw). The beloved character was firm friends with Charlie (Derek Thompson) before her exit and her grandson was even named after the stalwart. As she makes her return this Christmas for a few special episodes, she could give the legendary character of the television show a chance to leave his old life behind and begin a new chapter after so much heartbreak over the years.

There were rumours Tess would be returning earlier this year but it has been officially announced by the BBC she will be back for two episodes over the Christmas period.

Next weekend, her comeback will begin as she will turn up on Charlie’s doorstep given they will be working together.

The beloved character explains she is back in the Emergency Department as a locus nurse to help the hospital over the festive season as the number of patients being admitted increases.

Unfortunately, in the six years, she has been away, the iconic character’s friendship with Charlie has become strained given she wasn’t there to support him in the wake of Duffy’s (Cathy Shipman) death.

It seems they will need to work on their relationship but in order to do so and with nothing left for him in holy City, will Charlie decide to leave?

Since Duffy’s death, Charlie has been a lost soul as his grief led to a descent into alcoholism and his departure from his post at the hospital.

After a siege in the Emergency Department, the stalwart agreed to return in a nursing role and handed his senior position over to Jacob Masters (Charles Venn).

This meant he was able to perform his duties without as much stress on his shoulders but he has continued to be a mentor to the newer and younger recruits.

Though he has still been missing something from his life and that has been a companion to share his life with, which is where Tess comes back in.

Although they’ve been through a rocky patch, as they catch up, Tess could disclose she has never met anyone to share her life with.

I was so delighted

Suzanne Packer

As they spend more time together, they could discover they have some feelings for one another which extends beyond friendship.

Knowing he will never love someone as he loved Duffy, the stalwart could explain to Tess he is not ready to move on completely but does care for her very deeply.

The iconic character could reciprocate her friend’s feelings but still give him a chance to share his life with her.

With her grandson Charlie now six years old, Tess could ask her friend to come and live with her in Leeds to watch his successor grow up.

Knowing he needs to start a new chapter, the legendary character could agree and rebidding farewell to his friends this Christmas.

Speaking about her return to the show, the actress who plays Tess, Suzanne, expressed her excitement over reprising her character.

The soap star said of her surprise comeback: “I was so delighted to be asked back to Casualty for a couple of episodes.

“It was an absolute joy to work with the team again, especially Derek!

“Most of my scenes were with him, add that to a wonderful script by Barbara Machin and to work alongside Holly Aird, it was a dream return.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything more,” she concluded so could this be another hint Charlie will be leaving with her character as they spend some much time working together over the two episodes?

Fans have shared their excitement over Tess’ return on social media and are eager to learn what she has been up to away from the iconic hospital.

Taking to Twitter, Kelly wrote: “Yay for Tess coming back! I hope we get to see more of the nurses in future episodes!

“They seem to be very much sidelined lately in favour of the doctors,” she continued to say on the social media platform.

“@packersuzanne brilliant news to have Tess back for a two-part episode Christmas special,” Shakin commented.

Emma shared: “Brilliant news, can’t wait to see @packersuzanne back in #Casualty,” as Samantha wrote: “Bring her back permanently.”

Chummy remarked: “Oh I really hope Tess is back properly!! @packersuzanne,” with Michelle stating: “Yess I’ve missed Tess so much.”

Casualty continues Saturday at 9:35pm on BBC One.

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