Casualty fans in tears over heartbreaking coronavirus episode that showed devastating reality of pandemic

CASUALTY viewers were left in tears during last night's coronavirus episode, which showed the devastating reality of the pandemic.

The BBC One medical drama returned on Saturday evening following a four-month break.

The special COVID episode portrayed the pandemic through the eyes of front line staff working in hospitals.

Viewers were given an insight into what hospital wards looked like during the first wave, as doctors and nurses put their lives on the line to save others.

Scenes also showed doctors discussing the lack of PPE and dealing with the very first suspected cases.

At one point, Jane struggled to communicate with her team due to the PPE covering their mouths – meaning she couldn't lip read.

However, it was the death of Noel that pulled on the heart strings of fans – making him the first soap character in the UK to die from coronavirus.

Following the show, fans flocked to Twitter to comment on the meaningful episode.

One said: "Bravo #Casualty! That was so devastating and difficult to watch! The cast and crew worked so incredibly hard to tell the story of frontline workers and should be so proud of themselves!! RIP Noel!"

Another wrote: "That #Casualty episode has got to be one of the most incredible hours of television I’ve ever watched. It felt like a documentary. They covered everything so brilliantly, and everyone who worked on that should be so proud. What an achievement."

A third added: "That was, without a doubt, the most emotional, hard hitting, and powerful episode in the history of @BBCCasualty. Massive well done to all the cast and crew. #Casualty."

A fourth commented: "One word for tonight’s #Casualty. Powerful. I hope people realise this is fact not fiction, this is very much happening as we speak. An honest representation of our NHS and portrayed incredibly on screen."

A fifth tweeted: "I’m actually struggling to watch #Casualty but everyone should be watching EVERYONE! Most powerful thing on TV in a long time."

Just like every other TV programme, Casualty was badly affected by thecoronavirus pandemic.

After running out of episodes in August, the BBC One soap was forced to come off-air.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other exciting things due to happen as the drama makes its epic return.

Viewers can expect a guest appearance from comedian Rosie Jones, the return of paramedic Ian Dean and even some new faces in town such as newbie Leon Cook.

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