Caro Viehweg from Love Island USA’s Instagram has the most followers as the show starts

Caroline ‘Caro’ Viehweg was the first contestant to step into the villa in Fiji during last night’s premiere of Love Island USA.

Caro, as she calls herself, has her signature hair, beautiful body, and a fun personality. And she’s looking for love, a guy who has genuine intentions, and she wants someone who is ready to settle down.

When the 21-year-old entered the villa, she talked to Alexandra about how everything was “Instagram worthy”. As it turns out, Caro is very active on Instagram. Out of all the Love Island USA contestants, she has the biggest following on Instagram as the show starts — with 244,000 followers.

You can find Caro on Instagram using the handle @caroviee.

In her bio, she reveals she’s got Brazilian and German roots and is a Capricorn.

Her Instagram account is packed with photos of herself, but not selfies — she’s usually posing for photos for someone who is taking the photo for her. On Love Island USA, she said she was a student, but her Instagram account could easily represent a working model.

Caro isn’t afraid to switch things up. While her hair is one of her most recognized features on Love Island, her Instagram account reveals that she does straighten her hair too, switching up her look completely.

And when she doesn’t have anyone taking her photo, she isn’t afraid to pose for a selfie. Despite being in Fiji right now for Love Island USA, someone is running her Instagram for her.

Caro was the first one to be paired up on Love Island USA, as Cashel wanted to explore something with her. Caro felt he was too shy for her, but wanted to give him a shot.

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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