Cant carry on Adam Henson fears for farms survival and hopes for radical solution

Our Family Farm Rescue: Adam says farm needs ‘radical solution’

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Countryfile star Adam Henson visited Katrina Wheat and Iwan Pughe Jones at Penygraig Farm in Wales. The 55-year-old spoke to the duo on Channel 5’s Our Family Farm Rescue to discuss the financial struggles faced on their sheep and cattle farm. He summarised that they were in desperate need of help and “drastic change”. The programme saw the well-known farmer trying to assist the husband and wife team to get the farm back on its feet.

Adam explained: “It’s clear to me that this farm needs a radical solution – they can’t carry on making so little money that they can’t even pay themselves.

“And although Iwan seems to be taking it in his stride, it seems that Katrina is completely deflated. I just wonder what’s driven her to this point.”

He continued: “It seems apparent to me that this project is not only crucial for the farmers’ finances, it’s also crucial for Katrina.

“Starting with a smaller scale campsite just wouldn’t work for her – she’s been seriously hurt on this farm.

“And [she] needs a dramatic change. So they’re steaming ahead with a huge financial gamble, because they feel that this is their only chance.

“And it’s serious and I really hope it works out for them, and it could be life changing.”

Katrina had detailed a near-fatal accident she had experienced while working on the farm.

She recalled: “I was there feeding the cattle in the trough. I turned around to walk away and there was a blow to the left side of my face.”

Getting tearful, she continued: “A hell of a crack and a flash of light. I came too and I was under three bales, and they weigh two tonnes each.

“What saved my life is a very low wall next to me. The bottom bale had rested on that and that is what saved my life.

“If they had come down on me. I wouldn’t be here today.”

She explained how Iwan didn’t discover his wife until later that day.

Later in the episode, things took another devastating turn for Katrina, who informed Adam she needed surgery.

She detailed how she had taken a trip to A&E after she lost the feeling in her left leg.

“Sorry, I am getting upset now,” she admitted. “So, I am just so frustrated because it’s so out of our hands.”

Adam knew the coupe needed help, and he assisted them in opening a thriving glamping business.

“With the abundance of top quality Welsh produce all around them, Katrina and Iwan could easily offer guests ready-to-cook hampers with bespoke recipe cards,” Adam suggested.

In spite of the challenges, the plan worked, and a successful new venture worked out well for Katrina and Iwan.

“It’s going to change my life in a big way,” Katrina explained as she talked about the future of the farm after Adam’s help.

Our Family Farm Rescue with Adam Henson airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 5.

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