‘Calm down – you’re turning into Piers Morgan’ Edwina Currie hits back at ’emotional’ Adil

GMB: Edwina Currie tells Adil Ray he’s ‘turning into Piers Morgan’

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Good Morning Britain discussed the report which suggested the NHS should be less reliance on foreign staff. Adil Ray OBE was “disgusting” by some of the comments Edwina Currie had made and she hit back by telling him to “calm down” and to not “turn into Piers Morgan”. 

Baroness Dido Harding has vowed to end the NHS’ reliance on foreign doctors and nurses if she becomes head of the health service in England. 

The Tory peer said the staff are better sourced from abroad as part of her pitch to take over from Sir Simon Stevens next month. 

Edwina argued: “We ought to be looking at how we use the staff we do train, why we aren’t able to employ as many of our own, doctors why people leave the NHS, whether we can patch up skills for people already working in the NHS, like going from nursing to being a nurse practitioner, there’s a whole host of issues there.” 

Adil replied: “I find it quite disgusting really, this is Britain! In the 1950s and 60s Britain had no choice but to ask doctors from Indian and Pakistan to come to this country to save the NHS. 

“Those migrant doctors have held up this country, held up the NHS, 127,000 have died in the last year, many tens more thousand would’ve died if it wasn’t for migrant workers. 

“They are British!” He continued ranted. “And as soon as somebody comes to this country to work here, they are British! 

“This idea talking about ‘our own’, who are ‘own our?’ Was my father a migrant, was he ‘our own?’ We are all ‘our own!’ 

“I just don’t get this idea that suddenly the migrants who have been here for 50, 60 years and will continue to come here, aren’t British, they are ‘our own’ too!” Adil said. “How long do they have to have been here?” 

“Take it down a bit, calm down, calm down, you’re turning into Piers Morgan, I think you can do better than that!” Edwin slammed. 

“I don’t care who I’m turning into, we’re talking about a really important subject, just tell me what is the difference between ‘our own’ and people like my father,” the presenter said. 

“And what you’ve also forgotten the Minister of Health who stood up in the House of Commons and made those remarks that you were just saying was actually Enoch Powell – look where that lead him,” the former MP argued.

But Adil hit back: “No it wasn’t it was Lord Cohen of Birkenhead in the Lords debate in 1961 actually.”

“Look it up, it was also Enoch Powell,” Edwina claimed. 

The debate caused a lot of viewers watching to take to Twitter with their own views. 

One said: “If it wasn’t for immigrant staff, our NHS and Care system would have collapsed years ago. The pay and working conditions are appalling & staff were emigrating in their droves. or leaving the profession because of burn out. We can’t keep the doctors we train. Well said, Adil.” 

“If was not for foreign workers in NHS  this country would off crumbled and they probably would’ve been lots more deaths. Does  it matter if you’re foreign worker or not,” another wrote. 

A third added: “Thank god for every one of our wonderful NHS staff from wherever they are from, long may they remain.” 

Someone else argued: “Point flew over his head, They are talking about 5/10/15 years. Training takes time, if we train enough we won’t reliant on foreign workers.” 

“Since Piers worked on this show all the presenters are trying to be like him. They don’t let anyone speak,” another mentioned. 

NO he didn’t he was bloody rude and not letting Edwina answer the question and the other two shaking their heads that was RUDE too,” one fumed. 

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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