Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s New Project? It’s Not the ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie

Aaron Paul/Twitter

Thanks for trolling us, guys.
Stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have been teasing their reunion in what seemed like the upcoming “Breaking Bad” movie.
Nope. Today the duo revealed that the thing that was “coming soon” is Dos Hombres, a new agave-based alcohol.
It’s “a collaboration so smooth you can taste it,” both Paul and Cranston tweeted yesterday. Today, they shared more info about how they went into the Mezcal business. (And got us to write about it. Oy.)

Walter White (who will, apparently, not be in the “Breaking Bad” movie), of course, preferred whiskey.
If you recall, bad things happened whenever someone broke out the tequila, as Bon Appetit pointed out after the show’s finale.
[Via EW]

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