'Big Little Lies': Why Shailene Woodley Moves Around So Much

Big Little Lies comes to its stunning conclusion tonight, and we are equal parts excited for it and dreading it. Excited because we can’t wait to see how everything plays out (Mary Louise needs to get her comeuppance) and dreading it because we don’t want to say goodbye to this outstanding series. Big Little Lies has truly been one of the best shows on television, and has given our Sunday scaries a run for their money. And fans are not the only ones who have thoroughly enjoyed the series. The cast has also loved working on the show and Shailene Woodley is no exception to that.

Jane Chapman vs. Shailene Woodley

On the show, Woodley portrays the role of single mom, Jane Chapman. A newcomer in the first season, Woodley moves to Monterrey with her six-year-old son, Ziggy. It seems that being a bit nomadic is something that Woodley has in common with her character. The 27-year-old is constantly living in new areas. Woodley has lived in the Western U.S., and even abroad in Paris and she has no plans to stop relocating anytime soon. In a recent interview with Instyle, she opened up about her wanderlust and the need to constantly immerse herself in new atmospheres.

Less is more

“My father grew up poor. Like, no-electricity poor. His entire life was about protecting and serving his family because that wasn’t what he had when he was a child. My parents worked their asses off to give my brother and me a life where we could go camping on weekends. We could afford to go to Mexico once a year. Everything was, like, more is more. But I came into the world, like, less is more. I saw everything around me moving at such a quick pace, especially being a young person in this industry, auditioning and dealing with rejection…, ” the Big Little Lies star explained.

Worldly from a young age

Woodley continued on to explain how her experience as an actor further contributed to her need to move around. Constantly being around rich narratives and unique people with a wealth of experiences and knowledge, made the Big Little Lies thirst for her own experiences. “I was worldly from a young age because I was exposed to so many adults and so many stories. In my early 20s, I got rid of everything I owned and lived out of a carry-on. I loved it. As I got older I really craved a home, but now I find myself hungry for constant change again,” the 27-year-old admitted.

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Fame is relative

You would think that someone as successful and well-known as Woodley would have trouble moving around so often because she’d be constantly recognized. But, Woodley says that fame is relative and she doesn’t let it rule her life. ‘The way fame affects your life is determined by your lifestyle. Moving around a lot makes me feel more secure, and it makes me a better artist because I get to talk to and learn from people. If I’m going to tell stories outside my wheelhouse, I need to at least have personally observed these experiences to understand them. Not all actors are like that because they are classically trained. I’m not,” says the Big Little Lies cast member.

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Big Little Lies finale

We admire Woodley’s ability to create a life for herself that she can be proud of. Although her life is far from ordinary, it’s clearly working out from her. Though we’re sad to be saying goodbye to both Big Little Lies and Jane Chapman tonight, we’re excited to see what’s next from this talented star.

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