Big Brother 21 recap: Spoilers from Episode 2 include Head of Household

The Big Brother 21 recap for Episode 2 includes a lot of spoilers about the current season. Some of that information leaked online, but CBS had confirmed none of it until Wednesday night.

This BB21 recap will be updated as the June 26 episode takes place. Fans can refresh the page and follow along, as a lot of information is going to be revealed during the second night of the season premiere.

By the end of the night, CBS viewers will know who was banished from the house, who became the first Head of Household this summer, and possibly who has already been eliminated from the game.

Season premiere recap

In the first episode, the 16 new houseguests were introduced to viewers. There are a lot of interesting people making up the BB21 cast, possibly hinting that the summer could be a great season.

One of the most important moments from the season premiere was when the cast elected a Camp Director. Jackson Michie will banish four people from the game and knows that one of them will never return.

During Big Brother 21, Episode 2, viewers will find out who Jackson sent home from the game. The episode will also reveal who won the first HOH of the summer and gets to nominate people for eviction.

Big Brother 21 airs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights on CBS during summer 2019.

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