Ben Shephard frustrated as ITV Tipping Point player just misses out on jackpot

Ben Shephard was left frustrated after a Tipping Point contestant got really close to clinching the jackpot – then failed.

Landscape gardener Mark had been steaming along in Monday's instalment of the popular game show, racking up correct answer after correct answer.

He got to the final where a huge prize of £10,000 awaited him.

However, things started to go wrong and he didn't manage to secure the jackpot – and host Ben could clearly feel his pain.

He told Mark that he had played "such a great game", saying it was "so frustrating" to stumble at the final hurdle.

"Because you played such a great game to get to this point, I thought it would go a little bit better than that," said the TV star.

Ben then offered the disappointed contestant a trade but he chose to take the money, which he had been hoping to use to fly to South America to see the solar eclipse.

He assured Mark that although he wasn't going home with as much as he wanted, the £2,800 he was pocketing would probably get him to South America, just not first class.

Viewers had also been convinced that Mark was going to go all the way and that he'd realise his dream.

"This Mark is Mastermind level by usual Tipping Point contestant standards," one viewer posted on Twitter.

"Well done Mark, isn't having an IQ over 12 cheating on Tipping Point?" quipped another.

"Mark far too clever to be on this show," joked another. "There is no room for intelligence on Tipping Point."

But their hopes crumbled as Mark's competition went south.

"I have to be honest… I had high hopes for Mark," one fan posted.

Another tweeted a video of a car crashing into a pile of boxes and wrote: "Live pictures of Mark’s final round!"

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm

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