BBC Breakfast Naga Munchetty hits out at Gethin Jones as he calls her Naggy

BBC Breakfast'sNaga Munchetty hit out at Morning Live presenter Gethin Jones on Friday morning, after an embarrassing name blunder left him red-faced.

Gethin branded Naga 'Naggy' live on-air – leaving her furious, and Gethin begging to sever the connection to the studio.

Naga was hosting the programme on the red sofa alongside co-presenter Charlie Stayt, when the studio cut to the Morning Live set to give viewers a taste of what was coming up later that morning.

Things very quickly turned awkward, as Naga didn't hold back in her initial critique of Gethin, telling his co-host Sarah: "Sarah, I think you're gonna have to hold a certain someone up, because I think they had a late night and missed one of the biggest events in sporting history!"

It came the day after Emma Raducanu won her tennis semi-final in the US Open, and was catapulted through to the final.

"It's true. I did what Charlie did – I tried to stay up for the Emma Raducanu match, but when it got too late I failed and went to bed," Gethin hastened to explain.

"Good luck, anyway, Sarah," Naga chimed in.

Things soon turned even more awkward between the pair, as Naga begged Gethin to perform a dance on the airwaves.

Hearing that the programme would feature a Strictly-esque Charleston tutorial from Janette Manrara, Gethin's co-host Sarah admitted her technique wasn't very impressive.

"How's your Charleston?" Gethin wondered, as she replied: "Not good! It might be good TV but it'll be terrible dancing, I just want to warn everybody now!"

With Tragedy hitmakers Steps live in the BBC Breakfast studio with Charlie and Naga, Charlie couldn't help but ask Gethin how his own dance routine was going, asking: "Gethin, how are we with the Steps routine?"

"Oh, I've got that nailed!" Gethin insisted.

But Naga wanted proof, as she said: "Go on, then."

"What, now?" a red-faced Gethin wondered, as Naga responded in the affirmative.

"Go on, we've got an audience for you," she explained.

Gethin said: "I can't dance on my own, my experience of Strictly, I can only dance with a professional partner."

But Naga was insistent, as she said: "No, no, no, we're asking you to do your Steps dance. Honestly, I've got an audience for you. Promise, it's gonna work."

Gethin then made the embarrassing name blunder, as he insisted: "I wouldn't know where to start, Naggy. Naga!"

Naga wasn't impressed, as she commented: "Oh, you don't even know my name. That's nice."

Gethin was left begging show bosses to simply sever the connection, as he begged: "Can we just cut off her? Can we just say goodbye?"

As the cameras cut back to the BBC Breakfast studio, Naga clearly wasn't impressed as she said: "Well, look, Steps say hi."

"Someone's calling me, see you later, bye!" Gethin joked as he pretended to receive a phone call.

"Poor Gethin, intimidated by the Tragedy!" Naga giggled.

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

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