BBC Breakfast faces backlash from viewers over banal cup of tea discussion

BBC Breakfast: Sally and Jon discuss the best cup of tea methods

BBC Breakfast has been slammed by viewers for featuring a segment about the perfect cup of tea.

The discussion came about after presenter Jon Kay explained that a British tea company had spent £50million developing a perfect modern tea bag.

The idea is that you can have a perfect brew in 60 seconds rather than having to wait on your cuppa.

He and fellow host Sally Nugent also revisited the premise later in the show, gushing over their own cups of tea that were sat in front of them with Sally exclaiming that her’s was a “good one”.

As they went through viewers advice about how to make the perfect cup of tea, and debated whether the milk should be added first viewers took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to blast the feature.

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A user with handle @bobbyw66 said: “Another slow news day eh? Can someone please do something reprehensible so these people have something to report on!?” (sic)

@MarkTrucker1 agreed with this sentiment commenting: “Slow News Day? Run out of Charity Runs or School Football to report on?”

@lornemartin was equally unimpressed writing: “Always a shame when nobody at the BBC can fabricate a better story than should one squeeze a teabag. #slownewsday” (sic)

A viewer called @GrandadPhil12 raged: “Pensions at risk, Little kids being attacked by dangerous dogs, sexual harassment in hospitals. And your talking about making tea ? As long as your not wasting my licence fee. #Banal” (sic)

@GeoD173149 sarcastically opined: “Forget about Kim Jong Un and Putin collaborating to take over the World , forget about the economy and the cost of living issues , forget about MILLIONS of people on the nhs lists … Focus on how to make a cup of tea . It makes everything better . #bbcbreakfast” (sic)

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Meanwhile @david099047622 objected to the national broadcaster running such an item.

“Rubbish like this is ok on bbc1 but not the news channel. Please can we not have to suffer this daily and have your news channel on 24/7 even if it does means the likes of Gary lineker Clare balding and Jermaine jenus having to take a pay cut,” he wrote.

However, some people got into the spirit of the segment sharing their top tea making tips on the social networking site.

@DavidJohn1224 advised: “Best way is to put the bag in a cup, pour on hot water, leave for 2-3 minutes, remove bag then add milk. Should be a nice golden colour.”

@chrisbrighton10 also offered his top tip saying: Always use a teapot , warm it and let brew for 3/4 minutes.” (sic)

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