Bargain Hunt star felt like a gooseberry with The Repair Shop star

Lorraine: Will Kirk on his new show 'The Travelling Auctioneers'

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Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip Christina Trevanion partnered up with The Repair Shop expert Will Kirk for their first series together, The Travelling Auctioneers. Together, they have been driving around England in their little blue van to people’s homes, helping to restore items for them to be sold at auction. The BBC stars spent a lot of time on the road but despite being in close proximity most of the days, Christina joked to that there was another star of their show Will was filming with.

Christina Trevanion is best known as an auctioneer and host for the BBC series Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip.

For both shows, she is used to travelling around the UK, filming and finding treasured items that could be worth a lot of money.

Her new partner in crime Will Kirk is a restoration expert who stars in the heartwarming reality series The Repair Shop, breathing new life into belongings that have seen better days.

Together, they are The Travelling Auctioneers, helping those looking to sell some of their older pieces after a bit of TLC to get them in the best condition possible.

To get from one place to another, the famous pair travel around in their adorable little blue van which doubles up as a portable workshop for Will.

“The van would be driven to that particular location where we were, whether that was in Sussex or Northumberland, it would come on the back of a trailer,” Christina began to

“But in order to get the driving shots and all the other shots driving to the houses and that sort of thing, we have to drive it pretty solidly for a good two or three hours in the morning and then another couple of hours to get the content you need really.”

What Christina wasn’t expecting when she signed up for the show, was to feel left out when she was on the road with the 37-year-old furniture restorer.

She continued: “Initially, it was lovely to watch this slight romance develop because he [Will] was quite sceptical of the van, to begin with, and having done Antiques Road Trip, I’ve been quite used to driving temperamental vehicles – it did have a character of its own.

“Will got really good at driving the van and because he spends a lot of time in the van, doing all the restorations and that sort of stuff, I did feel a bit like a gooseberry at some points.

“He and the van got this really lovely little relationship going.”

Christina added that she even felt the van itself was “punishing” her for being there.

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She joked: “Sometimes the back door of the van would come down and whack me on the head as if to say ‘Go away! It’s Will and I! Get out of here!'”

A new episode detailing their adventures airs every weekday at 4.30pm.

The first series is made up of 15 episodes in total so will be on our screens just for a total of three weeks.

The final episode is already scheduled to air on Friday, November 18, on BBC One.

The synopsis for episode seven reads: “Christina Trevanion and Will Kirk take their mobile auction and workshop to Northumberland.

“It may be England’s least densely populated county, but it’s got an awful lot of clutter – not least at the home of Mike and Carole, two retired schoolteachers who are desperate to downsize.

“But will they be able to let go of several treasured items and heirlooms?

“With a grandchild on the other side of the world, any money raised from the auction will fund a much-desired trip abroad to visit.”

The Travelling Auctioneers airs weekdays at 4.30pm on BBC One.

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