Badass lawyer mum Faith is back but with a new mac in tow, says Sara Wallis

“Special coat, special coat,” ­muttered Eve Myles as she ­returned to our screens as badass lawyer mum Faith Howells on Tuesday.

Fans’ hearts were all a-flutter within two minutes of the return of Keeping Faith on BBC1 as she ­approached her famous yellow mac. But, no! We were tricked!

Sashaying past a yellow throw – those crafty producers – Faith picked up an electric blue trench coat. Now, of course, we all want one.

This was the Welsh thriller that kept millions baffled – and boosted sales of ­yellow raincoats everywhere.

The word-of-mouth hit saw Eve play the woman whose husband just vanished one morning. The nail-biting first series saw Faith trying to find Evan, played by Myles’ real life husband Bradley Freegard, ­and discovering his dodgy dealings. She nearly lost custody of her children, had her daughter Alys abducted and was forced to deal with hardened criminals.

Then just as she had pulled her life back to some semblance of order, in the final moments, in walked Evan, brazen as you like. Er, excuse me? Fans were left with a dossier of burning questions.

Series two picked up 18 months later, ­with flashbacks finally giving us answers. “I had to go away. Business,” he told the kids. That old chestnut.

Faith grabbed a bottle of wine and I wasn’t sure if she was going to down it in one or whack him with it. Either would have been ­totally understandable.

In the end, the stand-out moment was a glorious, unexpected headbutt from Faith. I can imagine that was an amusing scene to film with her real husband.

“You broke me,” she spat at him. Bravo that woman. Back in the present and more questions were answered. An awkward exchange with Steve Baldini revealed their affair never continued. Let’s move swiftly past the fact that crime boss Gael Reardon appeared to have a new head, but suffice to say she was back.

Evan got four years’ jail for converting £250,000 of criminal property for the Glynn clan. Faith will wait for him, but a spot of marriage counselling might be in their future. And most importantly, the mac was back.

Faith meanwhile got on with a gripping murder case. A farmer had been shot dead and the wife, Madlen Vaughan, was ­suspect No1.

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