Avengers Endgame theory: REAL reason for five year time jump revealed as writer speaks out

The final film in the Avengers story Avengers Endgame delivered a number of heart stopping moments, and plenty of tragedy in between. Fans were left utterly devastated by Tony Stark’s sacrifice and were still sobbing when the other characters gave him a send-off at the end of the Marvel movie. Slightly more puzzling was Natasha Romanoff’s, also known as Black Widow, untimely death in the middle of the group’s final plan of action to destroy the evil Thanos.

It was later revealed the reason for Black Widow’s mysterious conclusion was done on purpose.

It was already known by the time of the film’s release the Russian character would be getting her own standalone movie, but the production team had to keep her fate completely secret.

But perhaps the most exciting change was the decision to feature a flash-forward into the future.

Not only did Iron Man and Pepper Potts finally start a family together, Thor the god of thunder became barely recognisable after putting on a great deal of weight and holing up in his new home in his grief.

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Now one of the film’s writers, Stephen McFeely, has shared how he and the rest of the production settled upon the monumental choice.

Speaking to The Playlist, McFeely considered for a moment.

Oh, God, I don’t know,” he began. “I mean, I think the reason we did it was so that we could push the characters along.

“Particularly the ones that we were going to say goodbye to. Remember, the first movie is basically a Thanos movie.

“The second movie was supposed to be an Avengers movie, specifically the six original Avengers, because we were going to say goodbye to most of them,” he carried on.

“So, by coming up with a plot, killing your bad guy, destroying the stones, sealing this outcome in amber and then jumping five years, it meant that you had expectation that they were going to be changed or you were eager to see where they were after five years of the biggest loss anyone’s ever had.

“So that’s the intent of all that.

“Five years isn’t just random, it’s sort of, ‘What can we do on a character level and not have to recast our actors?’”


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What’s more, the writer revealed the latest film had been propelling forwards towards Iron Man’s ultimate ending for a while.

When the team were discussing storyline beats and discussing how to finish off the mammoth film, two important moments came up.

McFeely and his co-writer had been instantly keen to have Stark snap his fingers with the infinity glove on.

While Stark was able to hold the momentum long enough to defeat the evil Thanos, the power surge going through his body was much too intense, and the character died.

The other one was the final scene which saw Steve Rogers finally getting his last dance with love of his life Peggy Carter.

McFeely noted once they’d locked down these important “flags” in the story, it was simply a case of “driving towards them”.

Are there any more new details fans will inevitably dig out from the original film?

Marvel Phase 4 kicks off in 2020.

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