Avengers Endgame box office: How Avatar could RECLAIM its biggest movie of all time record

It’s finally happened. After 10 years as the highest-grossing movie of all time, Avatar has been dethroned by Avengers Endgame. As it stands the Marvel epic is just under $1 million ahead of the 3D sci-fi film at $2,790,216,193. An incredible achievement for Marvel Studios, but can James Cameron retake his crown?

Here’s something to consider: Both Avatar and Avengers Endgame made up their box office totals with re-releases.

Back in 2010, a year after its initial release, Avatar went back to cinemas as an extended special edition. He also made the same move with Titanic, seeing the historical epic pass $2 billion 14 years after it first hit cinemas with a 3D re-release.

Similarly, Avengers Endgame re-released a few weeks ago to top Avatar’s record, with a few minutes of bonus content added after the end credits.

And it turns out that this paid off when the Marvel epic topped Avatar over the weekend – but is the race really over?

In Christmas 2021, Cameron will release the first of four back-to-back Avatar sequels.

The films will be released every two years, with a new Star Wars trilogy in-between as part of Disney’s Christmas release strategy for the 2020s.

And with Avatar 2 launching in 2021, we wouldn’t put it past Cameron at all to re-release Avatar once again so audiences can rewatch the 3D IMAX experience before the next story begins.

And of course, in doing so, perhaps this means that Avatar will reclaim its crown as the biggest movie of all time from Avengers Endgame?

Maybe this could even be a back and forth between the two goliath movies as no doubt, Avengers Endgame will re-release again one day.

After all, Avengers Infinity War and its sequel are the first films ever to be shot entirely on IMAX cameras, which add 26% to the picture – a ratio not currently available on the home release.

It just seems highly likely that for something like the 10th anniversary of the films Marvel Studios would re-release them in IMAX again, bumping up the overall box office.

But for now, Avengers Endgame can rest easy and expect a well-done message from Cameron in the next few days.

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