Are Paul and Billy going to split up in Coronation Street? Todd gets Paul to mock the vicar's robes

BILLY Mayhew is the victim of his ex Todd Grimshaw’s scheming next week in Coronation Street as the newcomer drives a wedge in between him and Paul. 

The vicar is horrified when he sees Paul dancing around in his religious robes thanks to Todd. But is Todd going to succeed in splitting up the lovers? Here’s the lowdown…

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Are Paul and Billy going to split up in Corrie?

Since returning to the cobbles back in September, Todd has done nothing but cause trouble for Billy and Paul.

Paul was immediately uneasy when Billy devoted his days to searching for his ex Todd when he and Sean were left fearing he was dead. 

Paul’s suspicions that Billy still had feelings for his ex increased when the vicar missed his surprise birthday party due to the search for Todd.

And things only worsened when Todd actually arrived on the cobbles.

When Billy confronted Todd for winding up his boyfriend, Todd ended up confessing his undying love for him. 

To make matters worse, Billy struggled to claim he didn’t still have feelings for Todd, and even admitted he was the love of his life.

Todd didn’t wait long to goad Paul and tell him about his little heart-to-heart with Billy.

Corrie fans are certain Todd’s presence on the cobbles will spell trouble for Billy and Paul.

One fan tweeted: “I swear if Todd destroys Billy and Paul I will throttle Iain and Todd #corrie.”

Another added: “Paul and Billy better not split up because of Todd.”

A third tweeted: “Billy still loves Todd. #corrie”

What happens between Billy and Paul next week in Corrie?

Todd takes a different approach and ingratiates himself with Paul next week. 

After stitching Paul up at work by mixing up the boxes and getting him fired, Todd has a word with Sarah and persuades her to give him his job back.

Todd then invites himself and Sean round on an evening where Billy is working late, plying Paul with alcohol and encouraging him to try on Billy’s religious robes. 

Todd can hardly hide his joy when Billy returns home to the sight of Paul dancing around in his robes.

What happened between Todd and Billy in Corrie?

Sparks first flew between Todd and Billy in Corrie back in 2016 while the vicar was still dating Sean.

Sean then showed Billy the door after growing suspicious about his increasing closeness to Todd, leaving romance to blossom between the couple.

The loved-up pair then made it official and became the legal guardians of Summer Spellman, the daughter of Billy’s late ex Drew. 

When Todd departed from the cobbles the following year, he and boyfriend Billy were in the middle of a custody battle with Summer’s biological grandmother.

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