Antiques Roadshow guest left squirming as she's grilled about why she'll NEVER wear stunning jewellery collection

A GUEST on the Antiques Roadshow was left squirming after she was grilled about why she'll NEVER wear her stunning jewellery collection.

On Sunday's show, a guest came to see the experts in Ayrshire with a wide selection of silver jewellery from the Scottish island Iona.

It fell to expert Gordon Foster to examine the array of items which includes pendants, necklaces, broaches and hairbands in solid silver as well as cutlery and a mirror.

Explaining why she started the collection, the lady told Gordon: "I found a broach belonging to my mother that was all broken and black.

“I decided to have it repaired and researched the design. That is when I came across Alexandre Ritchie."

As he handled the various pieces, Gordon said: "We are of course looking at the work of husband and wife team Alec and Euphemia Ritchie from the magical island of Iona, off the West Coast of Scotland.

“This group of Scottish silver is something that is very dear and close to my heart and I am sure it is to yours too."

Gordon then highlighted that the solid silver hairband engraved with the Celtic design was a particularly "rare object".

Another item that Gordon loved was a dove of peace brooch which featured a turquoise setting behind the silver bird.

He said: "With that wonderful enamel background, and if you can imagine, as we know, Iona on the island the seas are really that colour.

“It’s almost like a Mediterranean aquamarine blue, white sands."

Gordon then asked if the guest wore any of her jewellery collection, she gave an embarrassed laugh and replied: "Well no, I don’t because I like contemporary jewellery.”

“I just look at it. I bring it out of the drawer every so often and I just look at it."

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