Ant throws ping pong balls at Dec as the duo continue hilarious prank war from a distance – The Sun

ANT McPartlin throws ping pong balls at best mate Declan Donnelly in the pair's latest hilarious prank war.

The Geordie duo have been keeping their followers entertained with hilarious social media videos, with clever editing making it look as though they are in the same room as each other.

In a clip that was uploaded to their shared Instagram page earlier today, Dec can be seen minding his own business and reading a book before Ant appears and throws a ball at him.

He dismisses the attack after not spotting his co-star – only for Ant to throw another.

Dec retaliates by chucking an entire bowl-full of balls at Ant, with the clip cutting as Dec runs away after Ant lifts his chair to chuck.

The funny post was simply captioned: "Part 2: Payback".

Their followers found the entire thing hilarious, with one commenting: "So hilarious boys, never fail to make me laugh".

Another added: "Best double act ever!"

A third laughed: "This has just made my day!! Thank you, boys."

It comes less than a week after their first lockdown battle, which saw Ant and Dec throw a banana, book and – once again – a chair at one another.

This video had the caption: "Pssttt… I want that book back!"

The two recently left fans crying with laughter after sharing a virtual "cup in balls" game online, which they recorded from the comfort of their own, separate, homes.

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