Anne Heche Says She 'Never Had Feelings' for Current Boyfriend Thomas Jane While Making Hung

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Anne Heche and Thomas Jane may have shared the screen together for several years while filming Hung, but it would take years for romance to blossom between the two actors.

Although Jane admitted during a recent interview with Bunte that there was “magic between” the two stars at the time, Heche, also 50, stressed to the German outlet that “we never had feelings fo reach other while we shot Hung.”

“I actually thought he didn’t like me because he would grumble during the breaks, and we never really spoke outside of shooting our scenes,” she said. “Now that I know him, I understand how he works.”

Heche went on to point out that while working on the HBO series, which ran from 2009 to 2011, they were both already in relationships.

The actress was dating actor James Tupper at the time while Jane was married to actress Patricia Arquette.

“Neither of us was free at that point,” Heche remarked, adding that crossing a line at the expense of her family was never something that would be on the table for her.

“I was a young mother with two young sons,” she said.

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Asked why the pair waited for so long before getting together, Jane admitted that he wasn’t so sure.

“That’s a question I ask too,” he said, pointing out that he and Arquette finalized their divorce in 2011. (Heche remained in a relationship with Tupper until January 2018).

“We had another 7 years with no contact,” Heche shared, adding that what ultimately brought them together was when she got a call from her manager telling her that Jane wanted to make a film with her.

Then, while working on a scene where their characters discuss the nature of love, the pair “talked it over for hours” and “through that conversation” began their relationship,” Jane explained.

“We still didn’t have sex, because the film wasn’t done yet, though I told her my feelings,” he added.

“It’s taken 24 years until we could experience our great loves, but all important things in life have brought us to this place,” Henche remarked to the magazine. “So our love is like a fairytale, and the universe helped us.”

A source recently told PEOPLE that the couple began dating this spring.

“They’ve been friends for so many years and they’re so like-minded that it’s an incredibly easy relationship,” the insider said. “They’re really supportive of each other and have a lot of fun — they’re definitely in love.”

Heche and Jane were spotted attending a Tribeca Film Festival event together in early May. A source told PEOPLE at the time that they “arrived at the afterparty holding hands.”

The two also attended the Sarasota Film Festival in Florida in April where Heche was honored with a Career Tribute Award.

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