America Ferrera Upset by ‘Superstore’ Cancellation

The former ‘Ugly Betty’ actress has been left ‘totally heartbroken’ as her TV show is not picked up for another season while the current sixth outing is coming to an end.

AceShowbizAmerica Ferrera was “totally heartbroken” by the news her TV show “Superstore” is to end.

The 36-year-old actress wrapped filming on the sitcom shortly before NBC announced this month that the show’s current sixth season will be its last and though she’s upset by its ending, she’s also “incredibly proud” of the programme.

She told People magazine, “I’m so sad the show is over, and at the same time, incredibly proud of what it’s been.”

“I think what the show accomplished, the fan-base that it built, what it did for NBC – I only have so much pride in what we accomplished with the show, and it’s always sad to say goodbye.”

And America insisted the end of the show doesn’t mean it will be forgotten.

She added, “These days TV lives forever and there’s still an audience for it to reach and still people to find and discover and enjoy it, so I’m just incredibly grateful for what it has been.”

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“(I hope it is remembered as) this really bold and subversive comedy that was always doing so much more than what appeared on the surface, being smart and funny about the life of retail workers.”

The actress stayed coy when asked if she’ll be making a final experience.

She teased, “We’re not ruling anything out, but I’m not allowed to say.”

Meanwhile, the former “Ugly Betty” star is looking forward to a “super simple” Christmas with her husband Ryan Williams and their children Sebastian, two, and Lucia, seven months.

She said, “This is (Lucia’s) first Christmas, which she’ll never remember, but it’s my two year old’s first Christmas really getting excited and having an understanding about the holidays and celebrating.”

“Luckily, he doesn’t know what he’s missing from any other year, but we’re going do our best to just celebrate and make it feel special even though we can’t be with all of our family and friends.”

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