Amber Turner is returning to Towie for spectacular showdown with Chloe Sims after getting back together with Dan Edgar

AMBER Turner is set for an explosive Towie comeback after convincing boyfriend Dan Edgar to return to the show, The Sun Online can reveal.

The on/off couple will be back to face the music after Dan ended his fling with Chloe Sims – sparking outrage from the rest of the cast.

Amber and Dan reunited in May after Dan's so-called "quarter-life crisis" saw him dump Amber and have a romance with their co-star.

But it wasn't long before Dan told Amber he'd made a huge mistake – and begged her to take him back.

Speaking to The Sun Online's Big Interview, Amber claimed Dan is now a "changed man" since getting back together – and they're even talking about marriage and babies.

The pair will no doubt receive an icy reception from Chloe, with a source telling us: "Chloe will be furious about having to film scenes with Amber and Dan after he broke her heart.

"Amber is like the cat that got the cream. She's stuck by Dan through thick and thin and they're stronger than ever.

"She waited for what she wanted and got it and now she wants everyone to know about it."

Talking about their reconciliation earlier this month, Amber told us: "Sometimes you have to go through really low points in life, and Dan admits what happened was a real low for him.

"He lost me. I was gone and he wasn't in the best place.

"When you lose someone it makes you realise how much you want them and need them in your life.

"He's 30 next year and that puts a lot of stuff into perspective. He's not someone in their mid-20s anymore, he's mature and serious about life.

"He's so happy and focused on his future. I'm excited for the future with him."

After suffering ups and downs with their romance played out on-screen, Amber and Dan broke up at Christmas.

The 25-year-old quit Towie in a bid to move on, and soon after Dan struck up an unexpected romance with long-term pal Chloe.

Despite fury from friends and Chloe's cousin Joey Essex about their potential relationship, the pair tried to give things a go.

Weeks later furious Amber made a sensational comeback to Towie for a showdown with Dan.

She confronted him about claiming to love her 48 hours before "shagging" Chloe in Thailand.

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