Amanda Holden horrified as Jimmy Carr admits she’s on his ‘bucket list’

I Can See Your Voice: Jimmy Carr jokes about his 'bucket list'

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On Saturday night’s episode of BBC series I Can See Your Voice, Paddy McGuinness welcomes Anton and Duban as they try to work out which contestant can actually sing without hearing them. In a sneak-peak from the next instalment, judge Amanda Holden was left horrified when Jimmy Carr said both she and Alison Hammond were on his “bucket list”.

Paddy asked his guests: “What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a financial skills coach,” Anton replied while Duban explained: “I’m a chef.”

Paddy continued: “I believe aside from your day jobs you’ve got a little pet project.”

“We’ve got a company called Heartbeat Moments, it’s an adrenaline and bucket list activity so we just have some fun,” Anton revealed.

Turning to his panel of celebrity judges, Paddy asked: “Jimmy, bucket list?”

“Bucket list? Alison and Amanda,” he replied.

Amanda was mortified and could be seen open-mouthed while Paddy had his head in his hands over Jimmy’s comment.

Meanwhile, Alison broke into hysterics before slapping him down: “Babes, I’m single, I ain’t desperate!”

Also in the episode, Amanda spoke about how important teeth are to a singer.

“Teeth and looking after your mouth as a singer is imperative if you want to sing,” she shared.

“Did you know Frank Sinatra, never ate any sweets.”

“Can I ask, Amanda what was Frank Sinatra like as a young man?” Jimmy asked his co-star.

This is the fourth episode of eight and the judges are joined by special guest judge Fleur East.

The former X Factor star had to help Alison out when she was confused about the technical term “reverb”.

“Being a singer and a trained singer at that, I find that I didn’t see any reverb,” Alison commented on one singer’s impression.

Anton asked: “Is that what it’s called?” as Fleur jumped in: “No it’s not, no it’s not.”

“What’s it called babe?” Alison asked. “Reverb is what you hear, you can’t see reverb,” Fleur explained.

But Alison insisted: “Different singers call things different names, you know what I mean.

“I was actually looking for a bit of reverb, that’s just how I deal with things.”

“You know Fleru’s a singer in the real world, maybe let’s get her opinion,” Jimmy interrupted.

I Can See Your Voice airs Saturday on BBC One at 7.25pm.

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