Alex Jones ‘shut down’ by The One Show guest over baby probe: ‘Stop!’

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The One Show continued tonight on BBC One with Alex Jones and Rylan Clark-Neal and the two were joined by singer Ronan Keating, who is celebrating 20 years since his first solo album dropped onto the scene. However, when talking about the birth of his daughter – which happened at the start of lockdown – he was forced to tell Alex and Rylan to stop talking about it as they teased him. 

Alex dove straight in: “So over lockdown, you had a little girl, Coco, but I mean this happened right at the beginning of lockdown. That must have been intense.”

Ronan explained: “It was incredible. It was four days into lockdown when we went into labour, we were just up the road in the Portland. 

“They were amazing, the hospital was fantastic, the team, the staff, everyone.”

Alex interrupted: “Were you let in for the birth?”


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He added: “I was, thank god. I was worried I wasn’t going to be.

“It was very special, her brothers and sisters weren’t allowed, rightly so, but she has been a joy.”

Alex and Rylan started teasing the star about how good she has been saying he might have jinxed it by saying it out loud. 

Ronan quickly shut them both down, telling them to stop. 


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