‘After We Collided’: Trevor & Molly Drive A Wedge Between Hardin & Tessa In Steamy Trailer

Hardin and Tessa’s love story is heating up in ‘After We Collided.’ The first trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel dropped on July 27 and gave fans glimpses of very sexy scenes, F**king Trevor, and more.

“The entire world is a collection of memoranda that she did exist, and I have lost her,” Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) says in the opening moments of the After We Collided trailer. “This is our story, Tessa’s and mine… We’re like an addiction to each other with equal parts pleasure and pain.”

This addiction between them doesn’t slow down at all in the sequel. The sexy scenes between Hardin and Tessa (Josephine Langford) are taken up a notch in After We Collided. From steamy makeout sessions to shower sex, Hardin and Tessa can’t get enough of each other. They are consumed with each other.

But their relationship faces many complications in the sequel. At one point, Hardin betrays Tessa and he begs for another chance. He says he’ll do “whatever it takes” in order for them to be together.

Hardin and Tessa are tempted by other people. Hardin nearly kisses Molly (Inanna Sarkis), while Tessa is intrigued by Trevor, played by Dylan Sprouse. Hardin is not a fan of F**king Trevor, and he even punches Trevor in the face.

“Are you in love with him?” Trevor asks Tessa about Hardin. Love may not be enough at this moment in time. When Hardin yells at Tessa that she’s never going to trust him, she screams back, “Where has that ever gotten me?!”

Tessa says that she thought things were getting better with them, but she doesn’t know how to fix them. “There is no ‘your Tessa’ anymore!” Tessa yells at Hardin. The trailer ends with Tessa’s life in danger as a car heads right for her! We must protect Tessa at all costs.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Dylan in Jan. 2020 about joining the cast of After We Collided. “I read the script and it was effortlessly funny,” Dylan said. “[Director] Roger Kumble is a wizard with a script, and so actually through my agency I had talked to Roger for a little bit. They were casting it, and I guess I was requested as a fan cast. So they thought that they would reach out to me and talk to me. He sent me the script and I said, ‘Hey, look, I’ve only heard about the first After, I don’t know anything about this one.’ And so I read the script, I liked it, we discussed, he turned it out to be in a timeframe that I could do. And so we did it.”

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