After We Collided blasted for glorifying 'toxic, abusive' relationships as fans slate Dylan Sprouse romance's ending

AFTER We Collided has been blasted for glorifying "toxic, abusive" relationships as fans slate the ending of the new blockbuster.

Fans of the romantic drama, which follows on from After (2019), believe that the relationship portrayed by Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) and Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) glorifies abuse.

The blockbuster, which is based on the novel of the same name written by Anna Todd, explores what happens next after the pair decide split up after realising that they're not good for each other.

Tessa lands herself her dream internship at a publishing company and catches the eye of a new boy called Trevor (Dylan Sprouse).

But this causes a storm between Tessa and Hardin, as they start making up lies and acting out to make each other jealous, which turns into a vicious cycle of arguing and making up again.

Many viewers think it's not a healthy depiction of what a relationship should be like and have taken to Twitter to share their concerns.

One wrote: "With a meandering storyline that glorifies emotional abuse, #AfterWeCollided is a film that should be avoided at all costs."

A second said: "Hardin is softened in the movie but still toxic. Tessa, run. #AfterWeCollided."

A third added: "movies have proved us that the sex is only good when the love story is toxic lmao #afterwecollided."

A fourth chimed in: "s**t was toxic asf and this movie literally made fifty shades of grey look good i cant believe yall like this s**t #AfterWeCollided."

Meanwhile others thought that Tessa messed up big time because she ended up still choosing Hardin, despite him treating her incorrectly and knowing that Trevor is better suited for her.

One tweeted: "Tessa should have ended up with Trevor instead of Hardin Hardin was toxic af #[email protected]"

Another said: "Unpopular Opinion: Tessa should’ve forgotten all about toxic Hardin and gave sweet Trevor a shot. #After#afterwecollided."

A third wrote: "Trevor is a better person and a healthier choice in every possible way than Hard*n, don't @ me. Actually do, i can't wait to hear your defence of that toxic piece of s**t. Also, Tessa is messed-up and she needs tons of therapy, both of them do. #afterwecollided."

The After franchise has five books in total so it looks like we'll have plenty more time in the future to see what happens between the two teens.

Langford, Fiennes Tiffin and Sprouse are joined by the likes of Shane Paul McGhie, Candice King, Charlie Weber, Khadijha Red Thunde and Inanna Sarkis on screen for the second instalment of the sequel.

If you want to create an opinion on the film yourself, US fans can watch it on Netflix today (22 December 2020), unfortunately there's still no release date for the UK on the popular streaming service.

However UK fans can watch After We Collided on Amazon Prime Video in the UK today (22 December 2020).

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