A Place in the Sun: Jonnie Irwin issues warning to couple after U-turn ‘That’s dangerous!’

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Jonnie Irwin and Laura Hamilton were tasked with finding two perfect properties for Sonal and Tina who were looking to move away from their busy lives in Birmingham. The couple enlisted Jonnie’s help to find them a new permanent home on the Gower Peninsula in Wales while Laura was helping them find a holiday home on the Greek Island of Corfu. However, as the couple saw the final property on UK soil, Jonnie issued a warning to the pair. 

Sonal and Tina had a budget of £385,000 to spend on their permanent home and £150,000 for the Corfu property. 

Jonnie kicked off the UK leg of the property search with a warning to ensure the couple will help the Channel 4 expert. 

“If it works, brilliant, if it doesn’t tell me why and we can move on,” he said.

The first three-bedroom house in Mumbles was situated on the seafront off a busy road. 

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However, the couple saw the potential of the property and were excited at the prospect of putting their own stamp on it.

Sonal revealed: “It’s a really beautiful house. I’m impressed with how airy and bright it is. There’s potential.”

The couple moved on to the next property which wasn’t as well-received as they didn’t like the setting. 

Jonnie asked: “Does it feel a bit suburban to you? I can get you closer to sea but it’ll be a very different area halfway between [sea front and suburbia].”

The expert took the couple to a newly renovated four-bedroom property situated in the heart of Mumbles. 

Tina confessed: “It’s not something we possibly considered. I’m interested to look inside.”

“Why not?” Jonnie asked and Tina replied: “It does seem busy, lots of parked cars.”

However, once again the couple changed their mind when they got inside the property and were amazed at the finishing touches.

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Walking around the kitchen, Tina exclaimed: “It’s perfect!”

“That’s a dangerous word to use in front of someone who’s selling you a house,” Jonnie warned. 

In the end, the couple decided they wanted to register their interest in the first property.

Sonal said: “We took a lot of time to think about it and the first property with the sea view is the winner.”

Tina added: “We did have reservations about the road but we’re going to change the aspect of the house.”

She noted access to the back of the property was secluded and they could put up with the road for the sake of the views.

They explained they needed to contact builders for quotes on the work needed to make the house their dream home before they could put an offer in. 

Later, Sonal and Tina were shown three stunning properties in Corfu before deciding they needed to organise buying their permanent home in Wales first before putting an offer into the dream holiday home they have been shown.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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