A Place in the Sun guest snaps at Danni Menzies over property specification

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A Place in the Sun welcomed nurse Catherine and teacher Richard to help them find their home away from home in the Playa Blanca region of Lanzarote, which they could enjoy with their daughter Jessie. Danni had five properties up her sleeve to show the pair, all matching their £300,000 budget and meeting the criteria of three-bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pool as well as all of this being on one level. However, it was the first property which caused some contention when the Channel 4 presenter got confused over what the guests wanted to do with some of the features of their new home.

Valued at £285,000, the first three-bedroom villa hit the spot as both Catherine and her husband were pleased with the exterior.

Inside, the property hit many of their criteria and they rounded off the discussion about the house with Danni by the swimming pool.

They did think the outside space was a little cramped, but the host explained there was a secret garden tucked away in the corner which would give them more room.

The presenter then asked the couple how much time they were going to be spending in the pool, to which Richard replied: “Quite a bit.”

“Do you like to keep fit and get your lengths in?” the property expert asked, with the guest telling her: “I like to keep fit and eat a bit of chocolate.”

“Chocolate? You eat chocolate in the swimming pool?” a very confused Danni inquired, to which Richard explained: “No, I would come out to eat the chocolate or choc ices.

“I’m not a heathen,” the guest snapped, with the host awkwardly laughing off the moment before rounding off the conversation.

The couple were in agreement this was a contender, but they were keen to see some other places as property number one needed some work doing to it and it was also situated near a road.

Next up was a three-bedroom villa valued at £283,000 which from the outside, gave off an ultra-modern feel.

I’m not a heathen

A Place in the Sun guest

The amenities were all on one level but taking a few steps into the property, the couple were not pleased with the arrangement of the kitchen and lounge area.

There was also no swimming pool on offer, with Richard telling Danni if there was “no pool, there was going to be no sale.”

This meant the host had to pull something out of the bag with the third establishment, which was on the market for £311,341.

With a large pool and plenty of space, this was definitely a contender, but both Catherine and Richard said they would have liked some more privacy as the walls surrounding the property weren’t high enough.

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After this viewing, Catherine said she did want another level so when guests came to stay, they were able to use the upper half of the house and have their own privacy.

This meant property four was a little different from what Danni had planned but the four-bedroom semi-detached house blew their minds.

Valued at £280,663, the property had a basement apartment which was big enough to cater for friends and family as well as boasting all the amenities they wanted for themselves.

Catherine and Richard said it was the best property they had seen, but the host still had one more card to play.

Property number five was a three-bedroom villa valued at £305,506 and although this was slightly over their budget, Danni explained the sellers were willing to come down.

At first inspection of the exterior, Catherine ruled it out as she didn’t like the views surrounding the property.

Richard said they couldn’t “definitely” rule it out without having a look around so they did decide to continue with the viewing.

After taking a look around the establishment and looking at the views from inside the house, the pair believed this was where they wanted to settle.

After getting the seal of approval from their daughter Jessie, the husband and wife put in an offer of £280,000 to start with on property number five.

However, this was knocked back by the seller, who was willing to hand over the keys for a price of £294,385.

Catherine and Richard agreed they needed to do some work to the property and so would therefore offer £290,000.

Luckily for them, Danni said the agent had agreed and the pair were jubilant at the prospect of moving abroad.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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