A Place in the Sun guest bursts into tears over perfect Lee find: Weak at the knees!

APITS: Guest says he is 'weak at the knees' during viewing

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Sunseekers Mark and Prriya enlisted the help of A Place in the Sun’s Lee Juggurnauth to help them find their dream home in Crete, Greece. The couple were yearning for sea views to spend their summers looking out at with their family. The new instalment to the Channel 4 show was packed with emotion as Mark began to cry over the fifth and final property Lee had found. Stepping away as he became tearful, he confessed he was “weak at the knees”.

Before the last viewing took place, the couple had only placed one property on the contender list.

Running out of options, Lee was sure his final home would impress the couple, who asked for good views and spacious rooms.

A two-bed villa in Drapanos, the single-storey property was painted with Greek goddesses.

It had breath-taking sea views, a giant chess set, an infinity pool and an outdoor barbecue and bar area.

The living area had uninterrupted views over Souda Bay, and the property also boasted a balcony.

Mark and Prriya had a budget of £300,000, and this property was on the market for £301,724.

Taking in the scenery, Mark, who had claimed he’d been left “speechless” by several other property surroundings, commented: “Okay, I finally really am speechless.”

He went on: “I think that is a view to die for.”

Prriya added: “Goosebumps, yeah.”

“And look at that pool,” Mark continued as his partner repeated: “This is the goosebumps moment for me.”

Appearing lost for words, Mark commented: “I’m going a bit weak at the knees, I am actually going a bit weak at the knees.”

He stepped away from the window overlooking the Greek beach and walked away, becoming emotional.

“You like this, don’t you?” asked property expert Lee.

Becoming choked up, Mark replied: “It’s amazing,” and had to stop talking to compose himself.

Later, he stated: “I never thought in 35 years of dreaming that a view like this exists, let alone in a place that we could possibly have.”

Lee was relieved by the reaction, as the other four properties had failed to deliver a “wow factor” for the pair.

The other options had left the couple feeling “closed in”.

Space became an issue with several others, as Mark admitted he had found property one, a four-bed villa in Plaka, “too small”.

Although he said it could possibly be a contender for him, Prriya admitted: “Not for me, no.”

Property two was the only other home in the running for the couple, who said the views had been “breathtaking”.

When it came to decision time though, it was clear which choice Mark and Prriya would opt for.

They placed an initial offer on property five at £270,000 but the owner rejected the sale.

Making a counter-offer of £298,000, the pair tried once more to lower the price by £10,000 – which was accepted.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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