YK Osiris Slammed for Alluding That Drake and Lil Wayne Aren’t Popular Worldwide

In a snippet from Clubhouse, the ‘Money Keep Coming’ emcee alludeds that late singer Michael Jackson is the only one musician who deserved the title of a universal artist.

AceShowbizYK Osiris is another star who catches the heat over his alleged controversial remarks on Clubhouse. An audio clip from the app featured the “Leave Me on Read” dissing fellow rap stars Drake and Lil Wayne, alluding that they aren’t popular outside the United States.

In the snippet, Osiris could be heard telling the other Clubhouse members, “A lot of people don’t know Drake or Wayne, I promise you that.” He then insisting, “My brother, a lot of people don’t [know them].”

Osiris later alluded that Michael Jackson was the only one musician who deserved the title of a universal artist. “You can do that with Michael Jackson,” he stated, before adding, “Some people don’t know [Drake and Wayne], I’m telling you that.”

Prior to Osiris, Mulatto was criticized online for allegedly saying that colorism wasn’t real. While it was uknown what exactly Mulatto said on the app, some Internet users slammed the B***h From Da Souf” raptress on Twitter. “So Mulatto said that colorism doesn’t exist but goes by Mulatto…am I understanding correctly?” one critic wrote. Another person added, “Mulatto digging herself in a bigger hole than she thinks.”

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However, Mulatto immediately set the record straight. Denying ever saying such things, the hip-hop star cleared the air in a tweet, “I WOULD NEVER SAY NO S**t LIKE COLORISM DOESN’T EXIST!” In another tweet, she went on to urge, “Please stop with the false narrative!”

Back to Osiris, the rapper had his and Toosi‘s outdoor party in Jacksonville, Florida ruined. The planned outdoor concert, which took place at Sk8 City Fun Zone in the Regency Square Mall on Sunday night, December 27, was shut down before it even started after multiple shots erupted.

“Last night at my show in Jacksonville, Florida I got maced for no reason at all along with several of my fans (young fans),” Toosii shared on Instagram alongside of a video showing the chaotic moment from the event. “They shut it down because of capacity so I went outside to greet everyone and this is what happened. I love y’all and f**k them i’ll be back.”

A rep for Excelsior Security Agency (ESA), which handles security for Jacksonville, Fla.’s Regency Court Plaza and Sk8 City Fun Zone, shared that they were notified of “shots fired” near the concert location when they were doing traffic control for the event. Later, the Jacksonville’s Sheriff’s Office filed an incident report about the shooting. While no one was injured in the incident, police reportedly found five bullet casings in the mall’s parking lot.

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