What Are the BTS Members' Religion?

Army members know almost everything about this K-Pop group, from their zodiac signs to their blood types. What the BTS members don’t discuss often, however, are their religious beliefs.

Between performing in stadiums across the globe, launching a video game, and premiering their movie BTS: Bring The Soul, some fans speculate the Bangtan Boys don’t have time for anything else. However, a few members of BTS discussed their religious beliefs before. Here’s what we know about the boy band’s relationship with religion.

RM of BTS said he is an atheist

During an interview from 2015, RM discussed his mixtape and briefly touched on his thoughts on religion. He ended by stating that he doesn’t believe in God and identifies as an atheist. At the same time, the rapper has also been seen wearing a cross around his neck, which is a symbol common in Christianity. Since that interview, there’s no direct update regarding the performer’s view on religion.

V might be Christian

According to Seventeen Magazine, V has never directly commented on his religious views. However, the article states, “some fans think he may consider himself a Christian since he created a playlist on Spotify which featured a Christian worship song from Hillsong. V has also been spotted pointing up in tribute to his late grandmother, which might mean that V considers himself somewhat religious.”

Jungkook attended a Christian-based high school

This BTS member attended a Christian-based high school “that holds a Bible-teaching class and religious services for its students once a week,” according to Seventeen Magazine. Although Jungkook has not directly commented on his religious beliefs, this upbringing may have influenced his faith.

Suga said he prays

In 2016, Suga revealed on Twitter that he is not directed affiliated with any religion, but he does pray. After a performance in Japan, the performer tweeted, which roughly translates to, “as a human who is weak but acts strong, I realized once again that I am merely a human being. Although I don’t have a religion, I prayed during that time [in Kobe]. The end has been determined. But even if there was an end, that my emotions and my heart does not change.”

Jimin attended an all-boys Christian school

Although Jimin has not directly spoken about his faith, ARMY members speculate that the singer attended an all-boys Catholic or Christian school when he was younger. This religious upbringing could have, in turn, influenced the performer’s faith today.

Jin is most likely not religious

Out of all the members of BTS, Jin probably refers to religion the least. Fans assume he is most likely not religious.

J-Hope from BTS is most likely not religious

Surely, someone with the word “hope” in their stage name has some religious influence in their life. According to one website, J-Hope identifies as Christian. However, some speculate that he might not be religious at all, as not much is known about J-Hope’s beliefs.

BTS’ documentary, BTS: Bring the Soul premieres on the United States on August 7, 2019.

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