Vinnie Jones shows off new look and jokes it’s down to hair growth lotion

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Former England footballer Vinnie Jones looked completely unrecognisable on Tuesday, after he took to social media to show off his new barnet to fans.

The TV hardman who is well known for his bald headed look shocked fans when he appeared on Twitter with a full head of hair.

Showing off his brunette locks with a short video clip, Vinnie, 56, appeared to be in hair and makeup surrounded by crew who couldn't help but see the funny side to his incredible hair transformation.

But Vinnie on the other hand didn't seem to like his new hair.

Expressing his disdain towards his appearance, the actor said: "I do not like it.!" He exclaimed.

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"Here's my new barnet, see two weeks- there you go!"

Vinnie also captioned the video and joked: "New hair growth lotion that actually works."

Fans on Twitter also seemed to find his new look hilarious too and took to the comment section to chime in on the joke.

While others couldn't help but compare him to other celebs and TV legends.

One fan penned: "You look like Shakin' Stevens."

Another said: "Thought that was Tom Cruise !!"

While a third penned: "Thought it was Michael McIntyre"

"How’s the latest Mission Impossible film going, nice veneers by the way," a fourth commented.

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Last week, the actor took to Twitter and informed his fans that he was filming poplar crime drama, Law and Order. He penned: "It’s that time, it’s Albi the Albanian Gangster time Fisted hand @nbclawandorder @nbc #organizedcrime #lawandorder #NewYork."

According to online publication Deadline, Vinnie's character, Albi Briscu, is the final remnant of an old-school European crime syndicate.

In August, the Lock Stock star tweeted a video clip where he showcased his character's accent, while thanking his supporters for all their positive words of encouragement that they've displayed.

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Vinnie said: "So it's out now. I'm on Law & Order playing Albi, the Eastern Albanian."

Switching to his character's voice, the actor continued: "So listen to me, make sure that you watch the show. Because there will be some serious repercussions. Looking forward to it."

Reversing back to his much loved cockney accent, he concluded: "I've done a few days already with Chris Meloni. He is absolutely brilliant, absolutely loving it."

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