The Dave Clark 5: Dave Clark speaks out on ‘exciting’ rivalry with The Beatles – EXCLUSIVE

The Dave Clark Five, or The DC5, formed in London in 1957, the same year John Lennon put together his first band, the Quarrymen, which would later go on to form the basis for The Beatles, in Liverpool. By 1952, the DC5’s line-up had changed and they soon settled on the lasting set-up: Dave Clark, Rick Huxley, Lenny Davidson, Denis Payton and Mike Smith, while their Merseyside contemporaries were also ironing out the wrinkles and establishing the four-piece which would go on to global superstardom.

Clark’s five-piece hit the big time with their first UK top 10 single, Glad All Over, in 1964 and were one of the British Invasion bands who took the US by storm in the mid-1960s.

Now, the drummer has remastered their biggest hits for a new album, All The Hits.

The greatest hits record means their songs, which were remastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios, are available on vinyl for the first time in over 40 years.

“It’s a trip for me to go back to vinyl,” Clark said. “The ‘60s revisited.”



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“This album covers our hits from around the world on both CD and magical vinyl.”

In an interview with, Clark also looked back on the competition between bands like The DC5 and The Beatles at the height of their fame.

“It’s exciting,” he enthused. “I think competition’s good for everybody. Paul McCartney and John, who was a good friend, that was healthy.”

Remembering 1964, when their single Glad All Over knocked The Beatles off the top of the charts, he laughed: “It was wonderful.

“That year, when they were number one in December, they invited us to their show at The Astoria in Finsbury Park and we all stood in the wings and watched and all went out to a club after. There was no animosity,” he added.

Clark went on to say the band were having to hit over a million record sales in order to get the number 1 spot — in order to beat The Beatles.

“We were selling 130-140,000 a day but we were still number two,” he marvelled.

“We had to sell such a vast number of records and it was a time when people bought records. It was exciting.”


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Clark was friendly with The Beatles during the years of their amicable chart rivalry, recounting how they would come to parties he hosted.

Looking back on his relationship with Lennon, he said: “It was great. After I made it, I got a penthouse in Mayfair.

“They used to come to parties there, Paul and John, and it was great.

“There was no animosity,” he added. “It was healthy. In those days it was a healthy thing.”

Back in the present, Clark spoke about his enjoyment in returning to The Dave Clark Five’s biggest songs and remastering them at Abbey Road.

“I’m pleased with it. It was good,” he said, adding that it was “very much” a trip down memory lane.

The DC5 eventually disbanded in 1970 but their legacy lived on.

Back in 2008, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Fave Clark Five’s All The Hits is released tomorrow on BMG.

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