Stacey Solomon fuming as Joe fails to tell star knickers were on show in shop

Stacey Solomon was left fuming after her fiancé Joe Swash failed to let her know that she had made a huge clothing mistake.

The Loose Women panellist was red-faced on Monday after the family took a trip to the superstore Costco.

The 32-year-old took to her Instagram Stories to tell fans about the mortifying ordeal.

The mum-of-four explained that as she was so busy that morning, she and baby Rose got dressed in the dark.

However, she had no idea that her new leggings weren't opaque – and her bold knickers were on show underneath.

The fabric was completely see-through and the striking patterned undies could be seen as clear as day.

But the proud mother was unaware of her blunder and was roaming the superstore with her pants available to be seen by all those who passed by – until a friendly shopper had to step in.

The fellow customer gave her a kind word of advice about what had happened.

Stacey was informed that her pants were fully visible as she strolled through the aisles browsing the supersize products.

And after she found out about the huge mistake she rushed back home to Pickle Cottage.

The red-haired star told fans on Instagram about the horror story and fumed at Joe for not telling her that her knickers were fully visible.

She wrote alongside the clip: "I'm actually fuming."

Joe insisted Stacey should have noticed how thin the leggings were herself, but the mum hit back that he had rushed her in the morning.

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"You said come on let's go," Stacey clapped back after Joe quipped: "You're a grown woman, you should pay more attention to what you were wearing."

"Joe let me walk around in them all day without even letting me know," Stacey went on.

"We got dressed in the dark before the school run and I didn't even think of looking in the mirror. Joe thinks it's hilarious. Apparently, he noticed but 'forgot' to say anything because we were in a rush."

But her avid followers shared their thoughts and said her embarrassing blunder managed to 'brighten up' their day.

"This is honestly the funniest thing I've seen in such a long time. Brightened up my day. Stacey is an actual legend," one fan gushed.

"Crying my eyes out laughing at Stacey Solomon's knickers being on show in Costco," another tweeted.

"She gave them a good show at least. Joe liked what he was seeing obviously," someone else quipped.

And as for the fate of the leggings, Stacey admits she'll never wear them again and has vowed to throw them in the bin.

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