Sharon Osbourne blames herself for husband Ozzy’s cheating during their marriage

Sharon Osbourne blames herself for husband Ozzy’s cheating throughout their marriage.

In an astonishing admission, Sharon Osbourne defended co-dependent Ozzy’s infidelity, because she was not there at times "holding his hand".

The former X Factor judge said the pair survived their crisis-ridden romance because they wanted to remain a couple, working through the issues rather than putting on a facade together for the kids.

The 68-year-old endured "stabbing pains" in her chest for months after the scandals.

But she said she decided to keep her head held high, adopting a thick skin as she dealt with "hurt, pain, humiliation and embarrassment."

Sharon's feelings for her rock idol lover remained despite his betrayal and she refused to succumb to the "easiest thing" of a divorce.

Sharon said: "It is a really, really tough call.

"It is like 'hey obviously it is not working because you would not do this.'

"Then you look back and you have to take some of the blame too: working a lot, not there when he needed me."

Sharon, Ozzy's music manager, added: "When you are used to having someone holding your hand, your whole career at your side, it is very hard when they are not there.

"I was to blame for that. You don't trust."

Sharon revealed that his cheating caused her to suffer emotionally, with those wounds taking years to overcome.

"Those pains, those stabbings in the chest do not hurt anymore," she said.

"It is not easy to stay. But you know if you love them still, even through the hurt, pain humiliation, the embarrassment, everything that goes along with it and all of that, you choose to stay, hold your head up and go: 'okay I am staying.'"

Ozzy had to convince Sharon that he could rescue their relationship and work through their issues and overcome his behaviour.

She said: "It is no good just staying for the kids. You have to want to be with each other.

"Otherwise it is just going to get ugly."

Her comments came in a candid discussion on cheating during her US telly show The Talk.

Last month, Ozzy confessed he feels lucky that Sharon did not divorce him after years of infidelity.

He insists that his cheating days are over, adding he was "pd off" with his own behaviour.

Sharon left the rock idol and walked out of their Los Angeles home in 2016 after he had a fling with a hairdresser.

The 71-year-old Black Sabbath frontman is remorseful.

Ozzy said: "I’ve done some pretty outrageous things in my life. I regret cheating on my wife. I don't do it anymore.

"I got my reality check and I'm lucky she didn’t leave me. I'm not proud of that.

"I was pd off with myself. But I broke her heart."

Earlier this year, Ozzy and Sharon argued on camera for a US TV documentary as they discussed his womanising past.

Sharon blew up at Ozzy when he insisted: "I wasn't a great cheater anyway", hitting back, she asserted: "You were a f***ing great cheater.

"You fed all our friends, all the f***ing staff, then you came to me and f****d every groupie there was in the world.”

Ozzy then reacted: "Well that was part of the job. That was an occupational hazard."

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