Russell Brand’s horror as pet dog kills wild wallaby – but he saves baby

Russell Brand is believed to be "devastated" after his German Shepherd savaged a wild wallaby to death.

According to recent publications, the incident which involved his pet dog Bear and a mothering wallaby is claimed to have taken place on Monday.

Fortunately fast-acting comedian Russell, 46, was on-hand to intervene and although he was unable to save the female wallaby, he did manage to whisk the young joey to safety.

It is understood that the wallaby was carrying the baby in its pouch when the attack happened.

Although, the tragedy was terribly sad for those who reside in the Oxfordshire town, no one is blaming the former Big Brother's Big Mouth presenter.

Locals had told The Sun that animal-loving Russell was "the hero" and that he was "devastated".

An insider explained to the publication: "Absolutely no one is ­blaming Russell or his dog — it's just a horrible accident.

"In fact Russell was the hero because he managed to save the little joey."

The informant also lunged to TV star's defence, praising him for his quick-thinking.

They added: "It could have been far worse if he hadn’t stepped in so quickly.

"He is a very caring man with animals — he has plenty of pets and they're all his babies.

"I understand he's devastated over what happened. It’s really sad."

Daily Star has contacted Russell's representatives for comment.

The Oxfordshire town in which Russell owns a £4.1million home is widely known for its wild wallabies.

It is claimed the breed managed to escape a private collection 20 years ago and have resided in the green surroundings ever since.

The funnyman who shot to fame MTV presenter has been a vegetarian since he was 14, later becoming a vegan after claiming he was "nagged into veganism by society".

In previous video shared on Instagram, Russell revealed that The Smiths had influenced his decision to give up meat.

The English rock band released the album Meat Is Murder and it shot to number one.

He told his followers: "I was vegetarian from when I was a little kid because of The Smiths"

"And because of like, 'oh, what? they do what in factory farms' Y’know like, it was too brutal."

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