Roger Taylor on Queen’s ‘outrageous decadence’ and Freddie Mercury’s ‘extreme’ early voice

Freddie Mercury still recorded on deathbed says Roger Taylor

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of Queen’s final line-up when bassist John Deacon joined Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor in their band. Now the Queen drummer has spoken of the rock group’s hedonistic past. While also admitting he was tempted to laugh at Freddie Mercury when he first heard his “extreme” untrained vocals.

Speaking with The Telegraph, Roger said: “People have become very prudish and judgmental. But it was part of the job to have an outrageously decadent good time.

“And we certainly had our share. I don’t think we were the worst or the most extreme, but yeah, we were close.

“Boy, you wouldn’t get away with any of that stuff now. More’s the pity.”

When asked to elaborate further, the 72-year-old declined to divulge details, saying that that time had long since passed.

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